The black web grew strongly because…. Game maintenance closure

It may seem unrelated to this, but this is 100% true. According to a report from the world's leading black web P *** hub, their customer base has skyrocketed during the event "The End" of the Fortnite takes place.

Specifically, on October 14 and 15, when Fortnite temporarily shut down the server to switch to the new season, the amount of views of P *** hub has increased dramatically. The search volume for Fortnite-related content on P *** hub increased to 152%, the keyword "Black Hole" (Fortnite event) increased by more than 9600%, an amazing number.

The black web grew strongly because…. game closed maintenance - Photo 1.

Fortnite searches spiked on the black web during game maintenance

According to P *** hub Insights, search volume related to Fortnite will continue to grow continuously in the future. In addition to the usual search, the two contents related to new cowboy costumes or Calamity are really hot. Besides Fortnite, some other famous titles such as Overwatch, League of Legend or DOTA 2 have become similar focal points.

It can be said that the game has never affected so many aspects of life. Unbeknownst to information like this, the gaming community and developers should be happy or sad.

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