Gundogan is fear for every defense in the Premier League (Image: FB Club)

The biggest ‘cannon’ in the Premier League

The German midfielder has continued to show incredible sublimation since his return from injury. Gundogan is always the nightmare that every team faces.

Man City’s winning formula

When the half-green Manchester fans saw the image of Gundogan rehearsing, they felt more hope than ever, a talented midfielder who always made friends with various injuries. The German player from time to time cannot be in the The Citizens squad. In memory, people are gradually forgetting the figure 8 dancing on the field the day before.

However, by this time, Gundogan showed that he was the most worth watching midfielder in the foggy country No. 1 tournament when continuously sowing the opposing clubs. De Bruyne’s injury seemed to make the army of blue shirts more difficult in the 2020/21 season, but in contrast, they are ‘winning machines’ and there is a formula called Ilkay Gundogan.

Gundogan is fear for every defense in the Premier League (Image: FB Club)

When there are legs pass Germans on the field, Man City play like a fish against water, Pep’s team always benefits from the ability to keep the ball well, move smart, adjust the rhythm and delicate finish that Gundogan brings. Even the 30-year-old midfielder also earned the army of blue shirts many penalties in big matches thanks to the technique of reversing the position, changing the status of the top class, making every defender, no matter how excellent, must be trapped.

Ilkay Gundogan is an indispensable factor for the Spaniard, the basic statistics are enough to show it. The matches played by midfielder 8, City won 18 out of 22 games (in all competitions).

At the beginning of the season, the player born in 1990 had to take a deep kick, taking responsibility for Rodri but since the match at Old Trafford, Guardiola began to have a new experiment by bringing him high, closer to the round. Ban the enemy and become a threat to the opponent’s defense. Whatever Man City achieves during the season, Gundogan will have great work, as long as the German midfielder is healthy enough, ready to play.

Leading the scoring list for the year 2021

As of the match between Man City vs Tottenham, Gundogan is the player with the most number of goals in Europe’s top 5 leagues since the beginning of the new year 2021, specifically with 9 goals, comparable to Polish super striker – Lewandowski.

Welcoming the ‘rooster’ at home, the German midfielder promptly pocketed his second double in two consecutive Premier League matches. Before that, he also scored 2 goals in the destructive victory of the army in blue against The Kop.

Gundogan deserves his title of best player of January for his efforts
Gundogan deserves his title of best player of January for his efforts

More notably, Gundogan also became the third player with 3 matches to score 2 goals in the first league in the fog this season after Salah and Callum Wilson. In particular, he is only a midfielder, not a striker like the two players above and who is not known for his remarkable ability to hunt goals.

The army of green shirts must feel lucky by possessing a winning formula named Gundogan after De Bruyne is absent for a long time. Midfielder 8 brings a new attack to Pep and is considered the best player in the Premier League as well as in Europe at the moment.



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