The Biden government removed the Houthi rebels from the blacklist on February 16

The Biden government removed the Houthi rebels from the blacklist on February 16

Foreign Minister Antony Blinken of the Biden administration on Friday announced that he would cancel the listing of the Houthi movement in Yemen as a special foreign and classified global terrorist group. This decision to reverse the Trump administration’s policy will take effect February 16.

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The Biden administration argues that the withdrawal of Houthi from the blacklist is part of a policy shift by President Joe Biden that aims to ease the world’s worst humanitarian crisis and strengthen diplomacy to judge. end the harsh civil war in Yemen.

Mr. Blinken said in a statement released on February 12: “This decision is an acknowledgment of the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen“.

The civil war propelled the Iran-aligned Houthi movement against an internationally recognized government in Yemen that was backed by a Saudi-backed military coalition.

The Biden administration, several other governments, the United Nations and humanitarian organizations share concerns that the sanctions imposed on the Houthis under the blacklisting of the group could hinder the shifting food when the threat of great famine is growing.

However, Mr. Blinken also seems to show limits of US tolerance to the Houthi movement. He said three of the group’s leaders including Abdul Malik al-Houthi, Abd al-Khaliq Badr al-Houthi and Abdullah Yahya al-Hakim will still be subject to US sanctions.

Mr Blinken has also said that Washington will continue “star monitoring“The activities of Houthi and its leaders and”are actively determining“New sanctions targets, especially those responsible for attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea and missile launches on Saudi Arabia.”

The United States still closely monitors the harmful actions of Ansarallah (another name for the Houthi movement). Ansarallah’s uncompromising actions and attitudes prolong this conflict and cause serious humanitarian damage.“Mr. Blinken said.

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