The Biden government limits contact with the press and the public

The Biden government limits contact with the press and the public

During the presidential campaign and even after taking over the White House, Mr. Joe Biden has always promised to reach the press and the public in a transparent manner. But in recent weeks, his administration has blocked many areas where the press and the public can access the president.

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The Biden administration has said that while it will publish profiles of individuals directly visiting the White House, it will not share visitor logs (log files) of meetings. online removal. Since taking office, Mr. Biden has relied heavily on online meetings and meetings to limit the risk of spreading COVID-19 in large gatherings.

The Politico newspaper quoted an unnamed White House official as saying that the Biden administration’s refusal to publish logs of online meetings was appropriate “The same way that the predecessor administration did when they did not publish the log of phone calls“.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Jen Psaki this week harshly dismissed a reporter’s question about the current US government’s lack of transparency about online events.

Mr. Biden will meet online with members of the Senate today“Mrs. Psaki said. “There, I have published it for you. What else do you want to know?

The White House has also turned off commenting on the Biden administration’s online sites, making it impossible for people to comment. The White House announces that commenters go directly to the contact section on the official White House website.

The Biden administration also removed the popular online petition page “We the People” set up by President Obama and maintained by the Trump administration. As of January 18, this petition page is still active, but now when accessing the website link will be forwarded to the homepage of

Tours to the White House have also been halted since Biden took office. The administration stated that the White House tour “has been suspended until further notice“. Until mid-December 2020, the Trump administration encouraged Americans to register to visit the White House through congressmen in their area.

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