The Biden administration's foreign minister outlines a US foreign strategy

The Biden administration’s foreign minister outlines a US foreign strategy

Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday outlined how the Joe Biden administration will approach foreign affairs, including bringing the US back to international agreements after the Trump administration has emphasized strong nationalism with the motto “America First”.

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In a speech at the State Department headquarters on March 3, Blinken said that the government led by the Democratic Party would “renew the power of America to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of our time“Through cooperation with other countries in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, especially on vaccination of the people and negotiating international agreements such as the one with Iran signed under the Obama administration. .

American leadership and engagement is important. Now we are listening to this from our friends. They rejoice when we come back. Whether we like it or not, this world cannot organize itself. When the United States withdraws, one of two things can happen. Either another country will try to take over that position, but not in a way that promotes our interests and values, or perhaps it is bad that no country comes out and then we will meet. chaos and all danger will come. Either way, that’s not good for America“Mr. Blink said.

Since taking office on January 20, President Joe Biden has announced that the United States will rejoin or promote rejoin the pact with Iran, the Paris accord on climate change, and the Human Rights Council of United Nations, and many other international agreements and organizations. Former President Donald Trump has withdrawn the United States from multilateral agreements and organizations, arguing that these multilateral institutions are not acting according to their goals.

Mr Blinken added that although the Biden administration will “led by diplomacy“, But the ability to negotiate effectively”depends in no small part on our military might“. Nearly a week ago, the United States launched airstrikes on Iran-backed rebels in Syria in response to an Iraqi base where US troops were attacked.

Mr. Blinken stressed that the Biden administration will focus primarily on reviving relationships with allies.

In a statement echoing the Trump administration’s diplomatic visions, Blinken called China “the biggest geopolitical challenge of the 21st century“.

>> Blinken: US-China relations are the “biggest geopolitical challenge of the 21st century”

Mr Blinken also said that the strong national border was “the foundation of our national security ”, but he argued that there would be “an obvious valid solution”To the annual wave of immigration to the US border.

We need to address the root causes of many people fleeing their homeland and so we will work closely with other countries, especially our neighbors in Central America. To help them provide better personal safety and economic opportunity, so people don’t feel migration is the only way to thrive.“Mr. Blinken said.

In his speech on March 3, Mr. Blinken also said that some officials in the US government have made the mistake of believing that free trade agreements will bring great benefits to the American people. He pledged this time to “fight for all American jobs and for the rights, protection and interests of all American workers“, Includes the use of”all tools to prevent other countries from stealing our intellectual property or manipulating their currencies to gain an unfair advantage“.

The US Secretary of State also stressed that the Biden administration would “promote the green energy revolution“In an effort”solving the climate crisis“. He also blamed climate change for causing wildfires in California and floods in the Midwest states.

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