The Biden administration was sued for stopping oil and gas exploiting on federal land

The Biden administration was sued for stopping oil and gas exploiting on federal land

An energy industry coalition group on Wednesday (January 27, US time) sued the Biden administration for stopping oil and gas exploration on federally managed land.

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The unit suing the Biden administration is the Western Energy Alliance. This alliance represents about 200 oil and natural gas companies. The complaint is filed with the Federal Magistrates’ Court in Wyoming, the number of the claim is “Western Energy Alliance v. Biden, 21-cv-00013 ”.

In the lawsuit, the Western Energy Alliance said that the Biden administration’s suspension of land lease was “Baseless and unnecessary”And beyond the jurisdiction of the US Land Administration, an agency of the federal government.

The Washington Times quoted Western Energy Alliance President Kathleen Sgamma as saying: “The law is clear. Presidents do not have the authority to prohibit the lease of public land. All Americans own oil and natural gas that lie beneath public land, and Congress has allowed them to represent themselves responsibly exploited.“.

Stop for new taxes will put future projects at risk. President Biden has clearly ignored laws that have been in force for more than half a century“, Ms. Sgamma added.

Ms. Sgamma pointed out the laws that Mr. Biden violated including: the Mining Lease Act, the National Environmental Policy Act and the Federal Land Management & Policy Act.

Moreover, according to Ms Sgamma, the decree to stop leasing of public land to exploit oil and gas will also affect an estimated 8.8 billion USD of revenue for nature conservation, which is partly derived from mineral exploitation on the federal land bank.

Ms. Sgamma said: “Mr. Biden’s ban is too much for gratification [những nhà hoạt động môi trường] left, but it would seriously harm the livelihoods of tens of thousands of westerners and put millions more at risk when state public services are not funded.“.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration said that the above ban was intended to “to suspend new leasing of public land and water areas to exploit oil and gas to the extent possible“And will proceed”Thorough review of all current lease and permit projects related to fossil fuel extraction on public lands and waters“.

The White House argued that the move was an attempt to “solving the climate crisis“.

Republicans and industry leaders say Mr. Biden’s energy decree will hurt the US economy and will lose thousands of jobs.

The Epoch Times newspaper quoted Dan Naatz of the American Independent Petroleum Association as saying: “Don’t be fooled, this is a ban [khoan dầu]. The Biden administration’s plan to wipe out U.S. oil producers and oil producers’ jobs is clear.“.

Environmental activists want the Biden government to implement a permanent suspension of oil and gas extraction on public land. But even if Mr. Biden does not comply with that request, future land lease may be subject to topographical constraints and increased costs, as well as environmental limitations.

The US energy industry lobbying individuals and organizations, including the New Mexico Petroleum Association, have also voiced strong criticism of Mr. Biden’s energy decree.

Newsmax quoted Jim Wilcox, a member of the New Mexico Petroleum Association, as saying: “This is a blow to the stomachs of our people and our economy“.

Republicans in Congress have also signaled they will work to stop Mr. Biden’s agenda to ban fossil fuels.

According to The Epoch Times, Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Washington state) this week released a statement saying: “Heavenly government regulations and directives that restrict our mining, oil and gas industries adversely affect our energy security and energy independence“.

Previously, the Western Energy Coalition successfully sued the Obama administration’s regulations on natural gas extraction and restrictions on drilling shale oil on federal land.

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