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The Biden administration rushed to assist Texas in the icy disaster


The Biden government quickly sent blankets, generators and essentials to Texas to help people cope with power outages amid the unusually cold.

Homeland security advisor and deputy national security adviser Liz Sherwood-Randall on 18/2 announced the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has moved to Texas 60 generators, 729,000 liters of water, more 10,000 woolen blankets, 50,000 cotton blankets and 225,000 meals.

Federal assistance was transferred to Texas as residents in the state were suffering from an unusually cold spell caused by a massive blizzard, which has brought temperatures down to record lows in decades. The cold forced people to increase the use of heaters, overloading Texas power systems, causing widespread power outages.

Texans wrapped in blankets queued to recharge gas for heaters in Houston, Texas on February 17. Image: AP.

Many water treatment plants also lost power, a series of pipes were broken due to freezing, causing households in Texas to fall into “double disaster” when both power outages and water loss in the midst of the unprecedented cold.

Federal officials are also preparing to assist in the event Texas requires more and is ready to supply diesel for thermal power plants in the state, Sherwood-Randall said.

White House officials also warned about a million Americans will continue to suffer blackouts, but said that number has fallen “significantly” from its peak, of which only about 600,000 people in Texas are without electricity.

“Due to the impact of the blizzard, people will continue to experience prolonged power outages in some areas,” said Sherwood-Randall.

The US Homeland Security adviser added that the government will make efforts to consolidate critical infrastructure to ensure federal and state governments can better prepare for inclement weather events. the same, similar.

President Joe Biden, who has discussed with the governors severely affected by the unusual cold, also agreed to declare catastrophic states for the two states of Oklahoma and Louisiana on Feb. 18.

US President Joe Biden at the Oval Office, White House, on February 17.  Photo: AFP.

US President Joe Biden at the Oval Office, White House, on February 17. Image: AFP.

“Jill and I are praying for Texas, Oklahoma and the affected states. I declared a state of emergency, authorized FEMA to supply generators and supplies, and ready to respond to additional requests. Pay attention to the instructions of local officials and stay safe, “Biden posted on Twitter.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said national security officials routinely report the situation in blizzard-affected states to Biden. “The president is always monitoring developments in Texas and surrounding states and is always updated several times a day,” Psaki said.

Severe cold weather due to the effects of snowstorms over the weekend has caused at least 23 deaths. After the electricity problems were gradually resolved, the people continued to face the lack of water and food. President Biden has declared a state of emergency in Texas since February 14.

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