The Biden administration has promised to continue a tough approach to China

The Biden administration has promised to continue a tough approach to China

The White House signaled that the United States would continue to take a tough approach towards China in response to Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s speech at the World Economic Forum calling on countries to drop “ideological prejudices“And”to throw away the outdated Cold War mentality“In fighting against global challenges.”

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White House press secretary Jen Psaki said during a press conference on Jan. 25: “The speech did not change anything. Our approach towards China has remained the same, if not longer.

She said the new administration seeks to respond to Chinese threats with its own methods, adding that this is aimed “perform better defense”, Including holding China accountable for unfair practices, protecting US data, and maintaining US technological advantages.

She said: “What we have seen over the past few years is that China has become more and more authoritarian at home and more aggressive abroad, and that Beijing is now challenging its security, prosperity, and values. in very remarkable ways, forcing the United States to take a new approach.

At an online event at the World Economic Forum on Jan. 25, in his first speech since President Joe Biden took office, Xi signaled that Beijing had no intention of changing. in the near future, despite pressure from the outside.

Although Xi’s speech generally does not mention specific names, his speech appears to refer to the previous Trump administration’s tough policies towards China, including war. trade, the imposition of sanctions to prevent China from stealing US technology, and officials urging the United States to reduce its dependence on Chinese manufacturing.

Mr. Xi said: “Confrontation will make us go to a dead end“, And insist that they”not going back to the way of the past“. He called for multilateral participation, saying states must “avoid interfering with the internal affairs of other countries”And should give priority to issues like pandemic recovery and climate change.

Forming small groups or starting a new Cold War, to dismiss, intimidate, or intimidate other nations; to intentionally impose segregation, disruption of supplies or sanctions; and to create isolation or dissociation would only push the world into divisions and even confrontation“, Mr. Xi emphasized.

Chinese state officials and media repeatedly attribute the United States and its Western allies to the “Cold War“When these countries carry out policies that are detrimental to the Chinese communist regime.

Xi has not attempted to address the growing international criticism of China’s increasingly serious human rights violations of the communist regime and its lack of transparency in dealing with the COVID pandemic- 19.

According to China analyst Tang Jingyuan, the speech “acting superiorMr. Xi’s “marked a significant change from the Trump era, when the communist regime used a more conciliatory tone.” Tang said this shows that the Communist Party of China views the Biden administration as a “weaker competition.

Mr. Tang said through his call for multilateralism and “protect international law“Xi is looking to challenge the dominance of the United States in the international order.

Tang noted that Beijing on Jan. 20 imposed sanctions on 28 Trump administration officials, including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, minutes after Biden’s inauguration. This communist regime also continued to carry out actions of military aggression against the autonomous island nation of Taiwan, by sending dozens of military aircraft to invade the defensive area of ​​the island on 23-24. /first. This is the biggest micro-military invasion this year. Beijing considers Taiwan part of its territory and has repeatedly threatened to exercise force to recall the island to the mainland.

Mr. Tang said that although the new US administration has criticized hostile actions by China, the wording in the statement – supports “A peaceful solution to the cross-strait problems”- conveys a softer message.

“TWhat did the Taiwanese media talk about during the Trump era? That is when the US will establish ties with Taiwan. And what are they discussing now? As to whether the United States will provide protection to Taiwan. There is a huge difference“In Taiwanese feelings.”

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