The Biden administration has partnered with Big Tech to censor vaccine skeptics

The Biden administration has partnered with Big Tech to censor vaccine skeptics

The Biden administration is working with Facebook, Google and Twitter to target “misinformation about COVIDs” and remedy the “vaccine hesitation” status, senior administration officials told Reuters. .

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According to Reuters, the White House has been directly involved with Big Tech to mitigate the challenges of misinformation about COVIDs and vaccines, leaving many people reluctant to vaccinate. Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, previously said the administration would try to work with Silicon Valley on the issue.

The source told Reuters: “Disinformation that causes vaccine hesitation will be a major obstacle to vaccinating everyone, and neither side can have a greater influence on social media platforms.” . “

“We are talking to them … to let them understand the importance of false information and fake news and how they can be quickly eliminated.”

The White House is also making a special effort to ensure such “false” information, the source said “Will not become a ‘trending’ on social platforms and a broader movement.”

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that the company took the initiative to contact the White House with the suggestion “Any assistance we can provide”. A Twitter spokesperson said the company is “Communicate regularly with the White House on a number of important issues including misinformation about COVID-19”.

Government sources speaking to Reuters confirmed that tech companies have “received” more censorship requests for “false information”, and promised to add censorship “within ten days. next.”

There was a recent anti-vaccination rally at L.A’s Dodgers Stadium as an example of events that the administration wants to prevent from happening in the future, according to Reuters.


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