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The Biden administration ends agreements to limit Central American refugees

The Biden administration will withdraw US agreements with three Central American countries that already limit the ability of people from these countries to seek asylum in the southwestern US border. The latest move is part of Mr Biden’s broader effort to undo the immigration policies of President Donald Trump.

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken of the Biden administration on Saturday (February 6, US time) said the US government had informed El Salvandor, Guatemala and Honduras that Washington had begun a formal process of terminating the agreements. was part of Trump’s effort to limit admissions of refugees.

U.S. agreements with three Central American countries, which have been maintained since the outbreak of the corona virus, have required many asylum seekers in the US-Mexico border area to return to one of the three Central American countries. and wait for their asylum file to be processed there.

The Biden administration believes there are more suitable ways to work with the governments of our partner countries to manage trans-regional migration.“Blinken said in a statement announcing the immediate suspension of agreements with the three Central American countries and the complete termination of those agreements.

The US Secretary of State has said that the Biden administration intends to work with Central American countries to reduce some of the insecurity and poverty that causes people to flee their homeland, while maintaining US border security.

Needless to say, these actions do not mean that US borders will be open“Mr. Blink said. “We have, though, pledged to open up legitimate avenues for protection and opportunity [tị nạn] here [trong nước Mỹ] and in the region, but the United States is the country where borders and laws must be enforced“.

The Trump administration has pressed Central American countries to accept asylum restrictions as a way to reduce the number of immigrants entering the United States.

Democrats and critics say Trump’s policies prevent America from fulfilling its part under international law that states countries need to help people fleeing persecution. They argue that Central American states may not be able to provide reliable asylum.

Meanwhile, Trump and his supporters have argued that the measures to tighten border security, including a refugee restriction agreement with three Central American countries, are aimed at protecting American citizens, protect US jobs and businesses.

Joe Biden has signed a series of executive orders from his inauguration date on January 20 to either terminate Trump’s immigration policies completely or put them under review. The President of the Democratic Party has also created a new special working group to reunite Central American families that have been separated in the border area according to “the program has zero tolerance“In 2018.

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