The Biden administration charges money for Central American countries to control migration

The Biden administration charges money for Central American countries to control migration

The Biden administration is considering spending money on Central American countries to mitigate economic problems that are part of the driving force behind Central American migration to the United States.

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The White House’s southern border coordinator Roberta Jacobson said that along with the conditional remittance program, the Biden administration is also considering sending COVID-19 vaccine to Central American countries, Reuters quoted. .

Ms. Jacobson did not specify which entities would be likely to receive the money, but said the program under consideration is targeting people from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Most of the migrants who are flocking to the southern US border come from the three countries mentioned above.

We are looking at all possible options to address both economic reasons for people to migrate, as well as protection and security reasons.“Ms. Jacobson told Reuters.

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently released an Operational Update, which found more than 172,000 illegal immigrants were arrested by US border officials in March at the side border. The South West, up 70% from February and is the highest level in the month since this data was available in March 2001.

The wave of migration to the US-Mexico border has been increasing rapidly since the beginning of this year. There are many factors leading to this situation, including the virus pandemic, natural disasters in Central America and the welcoming attitude from President Joe Biden, as well as the new boss of the White House. In contrast, a series of tightened immigration policies were in place under the Trump administration.

Local law enforcement forces and civil servants along the southern border have criticized Mr. Biden for not doing enough to prevent or prepare to respond to the surge in immigrants. The surge in immigration has dragged thousands of unaccompanied children into unsafe detention at border detention facilities and it is reported that the federal government is paying 60 million USD / day for these detention facilities to operate.

The Biden administration expects the money-spending program to solve the economic problems facing Central American countries, thereby leaving people in the country, Reuters quoted an unnamed White House official said. see the need to emigrate.

Ms. Jacobson – who announced she will leave office later this April – did not explain to Reuters how the funding program will be implemented, but said it will not be distributing cash or checks to residents.

One thing I can promise you is that the US government will not give out money or checks to the people“Mrs. Jacobson said.

According to, during recent meetings with US envoys in Mexico City, the Mexican side proposed similar cash transfer programs as an option to address immigration.

The Mexican government has piloted such projects on a limited scale in Central America, adapting a cash subsidy program it provides to unemployed youth and small farm owners – which is a A key pillar of the domestic welfare program of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Mr. Biden made a request “$ 4 billion development aid to Central America within four years to address the underlying causes leading to migration”, according to Reuters.

In a budget proposal for fiscal year 2022 that Mr. Biden announced this week, there was a request of $ 861 million in development assistance for Central America, the first step of a $ 4 billion development aid effort for the region. for 4 years.

According to The Epoch Times, Republican leader in the House of Representatives, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (California) on April 9, expressed disappointment about the idea of ​​spending money for Central American countries.

It is a disgrace to the millions of Americans who are losing their jobs or facing despair in our country.”Mr. McCarthy said.

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