Ever Ready First Aid Wool Fire Retardent Blanket

The Best Wool Blankets of 2019 For Keeping Warm Wherever

From cozying up in front of the TV at home to staying warm while being exposed to the elements outside, wool blankets are a natural and proven way to keep heat in and lock out the cold. Wool blankets are made with hollow fibers, which means that even if wool gets wet, it still retains heat. There’s a reason wool has been used for blankets, pants and jackets for hundreds of years — it’s warm and it’s durable.

To make wool blankets affordable, many retailers use a small percentage of synthetic material, which can not only bring down the price but also add a softness to the blanket. There are also high-end 100 percent wool blankets that are often used indoors (with price tags this big, these aren’t the blankets you’ll throw in your trunk for emergencies). We’ve included both options on our list since each blanket comes with its own set of unique properties.

Wool has natural fire retardant properties and it’s one of the best fabrics for retaining warmth, even in cold and wet weather. Regardless of your conditions, if you need to stay warm, we recommend using a wool blanket.


1. Ever Ready First Aid Wool Fire Retardent Blanket

Designed to trap body heat even in cold weather, the Ever Ready First Aid Wool Fire Retardent Blanket is modeled after the US military blanket and ideal for emergency situations when a durable and warm blanket can be a lifesaver. The 66” x 90” blanket is 80 percent wool and large enough to cover anyone.

Pros: The Ever Ready is made of fire retardant material which makes it safe for outdoor use around fires when camping.

Cons: Because the blanket is fire retardant, it does have a slight chemical smell when new.

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2. Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Washable Blanket

For the ultimate in luxury, we recommend the Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Washable Blanket. Unlike the Ever Ready and EKTOS, the Pendleton is made from 100 percent wool. The soft and strong blanket is available in more than 25 color options, including flannel patterns.

Pros: The Pendleton is machine washable and made with a colorfast finish, which means it won’t shrink, fade or pill over time.

Cons: The Pendelton comes with a big price tag and is almost ten times more expensive than the other two blankets on our list.

Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Washable BlanketImage courtesy of Amazon


3. EKTOS Wool Blanket

Made with 90 percent wool and 10 percent synthetic fibers, the EKTOS Wool Blanket is both warm and durable, with a soft, non-scratchy feel. The EKTOS is loom woven and features finished edges to prevent fraying over time.

Pros: The EKTOS is ruggedly designed with a thick and heavy feel that makes it ideal for use at home or outside. Like the Pendleton, the EKTOS blanket is safe for use in the washing machine.

Cons: The EKTOS measures 66” x 90”, which is the same size as the Ever Ready but smaller than the Pendleton, which measures 90” x 96”.

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