The best things you shouldn't do when you're hungry
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The best things you shouldn’t do when you’re hungry

Tea, coffee, wine … are the foods that experts recommend that we absolutely should not use on an empty stomach. Besides these foods, there are things that we should also avoid doing while on an empty stomach (on an empty stomach) as it can lead to undesirable consequences.

According to experts, here are 9 things that should not be done while hungry (or at least should not be done in about 2 hours after eating).

1. Take anti-inflammatory drugs

Take anti-inflammatory drugs

Some anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, paracetamol … Absolutely not drink when hungry. Because if you take it with nothing on the stomach, it will reduce the effectiveness of the drug, not only that, if this happens regularly, it also makes you suffer from stomach bleeding disease, extremely dangerous for your health.

So, when drinking you should drink it best to eat a little or at least drink plenty of water.

2. Drink coffee

Drinking coffee

Drinking coffee in the morning is a habit of many people. But drinking coffee on an empty stomach causes the caffeine content to trigger acid secretion, heartburn, and other problems related to the digestive tract. Not only that, drinking coffee when hungry also leads to a lack of the hormone serotonin and makes mood become dark for the rest of the day.

Tip: If you cannot give up the habit of drinking coffee in the morning, then instead of drinking black coffee, drink with milk or cream: The fat in milk will reduce the harmful effects of coffee now. Choose natural coffee instead of freeze-dried

3. Drink alcoholic beverages

Drink alcoholic beverages

When your stomach is not filled, it is best to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, because when you are hungry the alcohol will be more easily absorbed. When alcohol enters the body, there are always negative consequences for the liver, kidneys and heart.

So, if you are hungry, try to decline the invitation, or in a situation that doesn’t allow it, choose non-carbonated drinks that are cooled because they are absorbed more slowly. Better yet, before each drink you should have a small sandwich and ideally the one containing butter.

4. Chew gum

Chewing gum

When you are hungry, chewing gum can destroy the intestinal wall because the acid in the gum will be produced during chewing. Experts suggest that people who prefer to eat more chewing gum, sweets, and faster foods than fruits and vegetables may lead to more gastritis.

It is advisable to chew sugar-free gum to clean teeth when finished eating. Note should not chew candies for longer than 10 minutes.

5. Go to bed

Go to bed

Hunger and low glucose levels keep us from falling asleep and induce shallow sleep and wake up early. Not only that, lack of sleep increases the levels of hormones that cause hunger. This is why we often eat more the next day after skipping dinner the night before.

Tip: Eating too full before bed is also a bad choice. The best solution is dairy products because they contain magnesium and calcium. These ingredients will ensure a deep sleep.

6. Exercise too hard

The exercise was too heavy

There is an opinion that exercising on an empty stomach will help burn more calories than when you eat it full. But this is completely not true, because this does not affect fat loss. When the body is hungry, it can affect exercise because the body does not have enough energy to exercise. Exercising on an empty stomach can lead to muscle loss, not fat loss.

So, when you are hungry, you can do some light exercises like aerobic exercise. Or before training, you should have a snack.

7. Drink orange juice

Drink orange juice

For those who have stomach or are showing signs of illness, it is best not to drink orange juice on an empty stomach, because in orange juice there is acid and difficult-to-digest fiber stimulates your stomach.

If you want to drink, mix orange juice with water in a 1: 1 ratio will help your body absorb well and avoid negative effects on the stomach.

What can you do when you are hungry?

As you might guess, the most natural thing you can do when you’re hungry is to eat something right away. It is not a good idea to try to control it while you are hungry. Better yet, you could be eating some lean protein as it is low in calories and can help curb appetite quickly. Nuts, chicken, fish, tofu … will provide this nutrient for you.

Eating fruits while hungry is also a better choice for you than other sweet-filled candies. Fruit contains natural sugar and fiber and other nutrients, so when it enters the stomach, it signals the brain that you are full.


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