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The Best Single Serve Coffee Makers for 2019

Did you know the average American spends roughly $3000 a year on coffee? Instead of dropping your hard-earned cash on overpriced lattes or lukewarm cappuccinos, consider investing your money into an espresso machine of your own.

Gone are the days of having to set the coffee timer and wait for the slow drip of your favorite beans to brew. With single serve coffee makers, you’re able to get the perfect cup in a matter of minutes (or sometimes even seconds).

With tons of programmable options, flavor settings and more, you can find your groove without having to accumulate hours waiting in line at your local cafe. Simply drop your K-cup or pod into your coffee maker, choose your preferred darkness settings and enjoy a quick cup. No mess, no fuss, no problem. Check out our five favorite models below.

1. Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker K-Cup Pod


This undisputed king of single serve coffee makers, the K-Classic, is a classic for a reason. Able to brew coffee, tea, hot cocoa and even certain iced beverages, this bad boy guarantees a fresh cup in under a minute flat. With a removable water reservoir that’s able to hold up to 48 ounces, a handy side indicator light and a removable drip tray for easy cleaning, it’s easily the most well-rounded single serve coffee maker on the market. But hey, don’t take our word for it—just check out the 9,000+ glowing reviews.

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon



2. Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker


This pint-sized coffee maker is a great choice for small spaces. Measuring less than five inches wide, you can fit it almost anywhere. It’s able to hold up to nine K-Cup pods and is incredibly easy to use. Just add fresh water, pop the pod in a voila! The removable bottom reservoir is really the only thing that needs cleaning, and it’s extremely easy to access. What more could you ask for in a pint-sized coffee maker?

Keurig K Mini PlusCourtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon


3. Hamilton Beach The Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker


This Hamilton Beach model is one of the few single serve coffee makers that uses a mesh scoop filter so you can fill it with whatever grounds you have on hand. Simply scoop your java, drop it in the hatch, choose your boldness level and enjoy a hearty brew. In addition to being extra versatile, this coffee maker is also extra durable. If you have little ones running about, or a rogue pet who loves to run amok in the kitchen, this is one coffee maker you won’t have to worry about breaking thanks to its rugged construction.

Hamilton Beach Coffee MakerCourtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon


4. Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo Coffee and Espresso Machine


Not only does this Nespresso Vertuo make a stunning centerpiece, it’s an incredibly robust and sophisticated espresso maker. With five cup sizes to choose from, the Vertuo serves up aromatic fresh ground coffee in a matter of seconds. Nespresso’s patented Centrifusion technology sets the coffee maker apart by giving it a leg up in the brewing process. Able to produce faster, fuller and even richer espresso than other machines, each purchase comes with a complementary set of 12 different 12 Nespresso Vertuo packs.

Nespresso VertuoCourtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon


5. CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker


Sure, the Chulux name may not hold the same weight as, say, Keurig and Nespresso, but that just means they have more to prove. This single serve coffee maker is a great budget option that’s both easy to use and even easier to clean. While it may not be able to serve up a cup of coffee as fast as the K-Classic (the Chulux takes about two to three minutes on average), it’s compatible with most popular single pods and reusable filters.

Chulux Coffee makerCourtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon


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