The best poems supporting the Vietnamese team

The best poems supporting the Vietnamese team

On the occasion of the semi-finals of the AFF Cup Southeast Asia 2018, ElectrodealPro would like to synthesize and update the poems supporting the Vietnamese team to make readers excited, the Vietnamese team has more strength to play in Important match coming up.

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Currently, not only on social networks but even on the road, everywhere is filled with the red flag of the red flag of the Vietnamese yellow star flying and resounding songs cheering for the Vietnamese team. these Vietnamese football cheering songs Let’s cheer on the Vietnamese football team with poems to cheer the Vietnamese team up below.

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Football cheerful and meaningful poetry

Collection of poems cheering for the Vietnamese team

1. Soccer Poetry

Yesterday, Vietnamese football,
Entering the final match of the low row Cao.
See who deserves him,
Top of the table entered the match.
The whole team raged inside,
Show off your (Tai) in this match.
Everyone tries hard.
Ban, pass, flip the wing, then head off.
VAN LAM, fate of flies,
Standing sitting and waiting for the ball to come home.
What rocks are forever out there,
Wait forever and see no ball back to base.
Luckily the audience still loves,
Send to borrow hammocks to lie down.
Kitten not standing forever tired legs,
The job is not godly.
I hope you can take a nap,
After ninety minutes, then let’s go home.
(Poetry Nguyen Dinh Men Lai)

Vietnamese online pastoral song 2

Football AFF Cup Southeast Asia 2018

2. Amazing Vietnamese Football Poetry

The semi-final match on your team field
Vietnam recruits high excitement
Even though your side is cheering
Recruit me calmly hold the raft to attack
The match is still equal to the match
The recruiting side we take advantage of the opportunity
Van Hau has thrown the ball in
So Anh Duc turned high to score
The match is still exciting
Injury minutes for your team to score
Score One – One on both sides
First half we are proud of
In the second half, Trong Hoang passed the ball
Van Duc made a second wave
Your team’s net has bounced
The score Two – One echoed everywhere
The match is still intense
Several times you encroached on the playground
Our side is calm and good
It was like some shooting shot flying
The soccer match on the field is great
At the end of the second half we were more drastic
Crafts keep the goal beautiful
The full joy of the star-studded sky.
(Poetry Linh Van Nguyen)

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Vietnamese football

3. Vietnamese imprint poetry

Never been as happy as today
Vietnamese football flying in the Asian sky
The boys have red blood in them
The descendants of Hong now have turned into Dragon Tien.
The victories follow the victories
A generation to make a name for the people
Jade is filmed … increasingly bright
Very proud to reach the future.
Ninety million hearts are breathing …
Ninety minutes burst and happiness sublimated … !!
From now on football map
The ball says … VIETNAM SEALS.
(Poetry of Truong Nguyen)

4. Football poetry – Vietnam!

First place in Group B Vietnam in the semi-finals
Now on the way to Philip Pin
Hope the first leg kicks with confidence
Determined to get points, keep feet
Wishing Pack Hang Seo with the army
Be extremely clever on the field
Good strategy, dexterity
Full craftsmanship confuses you
Striker radiant with names
Quyet, Duc, Phuong, Chinh are fast and soft
Midfielders Hong Duy, Xuan Truong, Quang Hai
Together with Trong Hoang to neutralize you the gameplay …
Dang Van Lam great main goalkeeper
Defenders: Trong, Hau, Duy Manh, Hai
Even though your team attacks …
Can not break the net of Vietnam
Returning to the country, holding your head high, veranda
The next match will surely win
Fatherland flag bright red color
Welcome … into the dream finals … !!!
(Poetry of Van Luong Nguyen)

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U23 Vietnam

5. Soccer Poetry U23 Vietnam 2018

An indescribable joyous mood
A Vietnamese football belief
A Vietnam red flag with yellow star
Streets turned into yards
The old people, the naive children
Put on a banner
Proudly replacing Vietnamese football
The whole country took to the streets to cheer
The chess houses, the students collected enough
Maybe this Tet, eating “football” is also full
The player’s families were applauded
People love each other according to “football”
The monks, the followers of variety
Also welcome to Vietnamese football
One Vietnam in a moment of glory
How to say all the poetic “page”
U 23 a belief will win
Deserve to be encouraged by “Sponsors”
A few poems written up from the heart
Looking forward to sharing a football belief.
(Poetry of Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan)

6. Vietnamese Football Poetry

Our country’s soccer boat
Has brought the 23 to thousand youth team
Sign up for a gold medal competition
Asia admires … the glory of the country
Vietnamese football resonates far away
Firmly steered the boat to the sea
Little Vietnam, dear!
But make the world look after forever …
Vietnamese football is still poor
Sports … football chasing friends
Today feel fine re
Join the world to set sail …
(Poetry of the Jade Tu)

7. Historical Poetry called the name

We are living historic moments
Same Vietnamese football yellow page
The boys wear seven-mile double hia
Changzhou land marked Lac Long.
Plastic hands guarding Tien Dung temple
Quang Hai is great and the victories
Truong Chinh Phuong Duc Duy Toan Hau
Vu Van Thanh with Standing Tu Hao.
Park Hang Seo inspires inspiration
Unite one heartedly go to the top of glory
An achievement of era heights
Generation of Gold lights the fire of the future.
Please lean forward to thank the young men
History called … proud country.
(Poetry of Truong Nguyen)

8. Poetry and reporting on football Philippines – Vietnam AFF Cup 2018

Today Vietnam kicked with Phi
Hurricane’s hometown – Hurricane Phi ghoul
Foreign players everywhere
Full stone hire everywhere new talent.
Who was the former Coach for England
Mr. Pac lost many of those songs.
Just in harmony with Thailand
History mainly overrides Vietnam.
Vietnam only won once
This new match is extremely arduous.
Seeing them in the yard, I shook
How stronger than feared Korea
All the big trees
This trip will be knocked over.
But I still decided to dance my lips
The same team shouted all the words: Vietnam.
Into the match they overflowed
Pass the ball, steep the ball far and near
There is no need to rush
Post a very horizontal ball knitting.
Viet I suddenly described bursting
Drastic robbery heart not afraid of anything.
They play extremely snake python
Quang Hai fell like a ball
Be aware that the yellow card is dirty
Phi is allowed to ignore shaking her head.
Mr. Pac was crazy
A drastic response is nothing.
Vietnamese defense as citadel
Trong, Manh, Hai, and Hau are still as tough as Chau
The fin is like a fly
The goal is still on Long Bien bridge.
Ten minutes, the new ball skew
Longitudinal column does not bother me.
Twelve minutes from home field
Strong pass to Hau – Phi immediately
Hau tricked over from the edge
Long pass for Germany to immediately imitate golf
Duc always hit his head
The ball flies past the goalkeeper into the wall.
I can’t believe my eyes
Extremely simple but amazingly beautiful
I thought to fall apart
Plum grapefruit on your body
Come in – oh Vietnam
Vietnam champion -Vietnam hero.
Extremely cold water was thrown
Phi rushed to rock like crazy
Poke German chest immediately elbow
My chest also hurts right away – oh my god
Money stuffed bad mouth
So we know where to blow the whistle.
Vietnam is still okay
On the lower hand like Bac Xa.
Like in the second three minutes
The ball is poured from the evil side.
Quang Hai is like an perch
Sneak through the goal of snakehead fish.
The ball fell on his chest
Knowing it was a slip – your chest was awkward
Men are only good at stir frying
Female chest beat is a godsend.
Big Africa also has to flinch
Can not rise to hope reconciliation
Each hand plays our wings
Central coordination was broken immediately.
At the end of the round, we kicked lightly
To keep the strength to save the second trouble.
The left wing is always the pilot
Finally passed – long legs galloping
Hit the center of the goal
Light cushion striker – Lam stood still.
I fainted with all my heart
As if there was nothing left to lose
Hurry so fast
The second half is still the same way to lose.
The second half continued the race
The two opponents still have nothing
Both sides keep the idea vi
Find out what the competition is different.
We pass back and forth here
Slowly offer it here to find goods.
The ball reaches Trong Hoang’s foot
Van Duc is like a gentle wind blowing
Prickly traps were destroyed immediately
The goalkeeper rushed to get in the way
A cute pinworm
The ball reached the African paradise.
Beautiful as a poem
New emotional outbursts go to heart.
I jumped in the air
Like Thanh Giong floating in the clouds
Riding iron horse to kill the herd
Referee rotten with the flood now beat people.
I screamed I laughed
With friends who love Vietnamese.
Vietnam is creative
Always determined to overcome many difficulties.
Africa is completely crazy
Because the new inning was gradually too painful
Play fly fly strategy again
Passed and hit his head again like crazy
But lack of innovation in every domain
Should also only be fermented outside.
I drag more than talent
It is delicious to play short and long balls
Don Phi was beaten again
The second year a little bit burned the whole family.
Hai tired should be replaced
Phuong was able to show great talent
Drag over two defenders like playing
Shoot diagonal corner – slip – thought to lose gold.
How many fools
Escape death narrowly, but with a thud.
Time-out – oh – cheerfully
Cheerful cheers – welcome to the home team
Feel free to love our Vietnamese people
Small breed of talented hero.
(Poetry Tran Son Hai)

9. Soccer Poetry

Tonight rolling the ball round.
You let me wilt again.
I wish you were a ball.
Let me just roll
Honey. You are more than a ball.
Every night he is soccer.
Never forget it.
Enough of two main rounds.
Look at that delicious mouth.
Concentrated like fresh water upstream.
Tonight add two extra innings.
For you to be exhausted.
I hear my heart just happy.
Hardly he swore to repay.
Will score a nice goal in golf.
Let me love you more
(Poetry Nguyen Minh)

10. Poetry to congratulate Vietnamese football on the semi-finals

Semi-final football is about to roll
Wish Vietnam will eat this match
How to practice day by day
Football is so beautiful and wonderful
Beautiful stone can not describe words
Football is too brilliant
It is true that Lac and Hong’s children
Powerful technique like dragons meet clouds
These countries are here
Football hopes full of the future
Faith radiant tomorrow
That is the talent of our country
Our football will fly away
Faith in power is advancing rapidly
Wish you all
This match we will try to win the best
Vietnam has a sweet victory
Our army will continue to the next battle
Faith will have miracles
Our football will be at the top of Asia …..
(Poetry of Chuan Luong)

11. Poetry of love – victory

Celebrating the victory must be loud
No need to think twice
If you want, just write it
What is the fear of the Vietnamese championship?
In the past we won against Qatar
Today we only win
Let emotions take the throne
Let me see you smiling
Love soccer score 10
My love burns thousands of people who miss you
(Poetry of Ngoc Canh)

12. Football Poetry

Competition must win or lose,
That is the rule from the past until now …?
Colorful flag colors,
Vietnamese football, the dream of the golden cup …!
Having entered the final properly,
The youth team is confident to play …!
Hundred and nineteen (119) minutes of preservation,
Hold on to the opponent, firmly tie in …
Luck does not come to the home team,
Losing the corner is second …?
Vietnam is ninety million people,
Congratulations on the team in full swing …!
Under the red flag with yellow stars,
Vietnamese football is moving forward …
The Asian arena is named,
U23 made the most …!
(Poetry of Vu Duc Cau)

Above are poems to cheer for the Vietnamese team, hope you will have fun moments next to these poems as well as have a lively atmosphere to cheer and energize the changing players. Vietnam.
Along with poems about football, ElectrodealPro also synthesizes good wishes for the Vietnamese football team to help readers find and choose. Best wishes for the Vietnamese football team to send to the players to encourage morale, cheer on players in the upcoming match.


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