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The Best Packing Cubes For Every Kind of Traveler – a SPY Guide

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It’s a debate that always comes to the surface when travel is on the horizon. “What are the best packing hacks?” From bloggers to business pros, everyone has their own theory on the best way to pack a suitcase. Some say, “Just throw it all in,” but other suggest, “Rolling is the most efficient answer.” We’re not here to judge anyone, but we are here to offer the best packing cubes for you to choose from. 

While there is certainly a debate to be had about how to fit the most things in one suitcase, you’d struggle to argue against the effectiveness of packing cubes. Because packing cubes separate and compress, they allow you to fit far more in a single bag than you would otherwise packing normally. Furthermore, they provide the quickest and easiest way to organize an open block of luggage space. By separating your clothes by type and storing them together in a cube, not only do you eradicate the time it takes to locate them in a disorganized mess, you’ll also know when something has been worn, giving you the ability to quickly differentiate between clean and dirty clothes.

If you’ve never used packing cubes before, it’s definitely worth learning how to pack effectively with them. Once you feel like you know how packing cubes work, pick the right set for your needs by checking out our collection of the six best packing cubes available on Amazon. Each set has hundreds of five-star reviews from users, so no matter which cubes you choose, you’re making a wise decision for your next trip. 

1. TravelWise Packing Cube System


TravelWise have made packing simple with their TravelWise Packing Cube System. It includes three cubes: one small, one medium and one large. That means you have plenty of packing space for any length trip. The different sizes are ideal for separating your clothing items, and the durable nylon build allows you to pack them full without fear of tearing the cubes. The material is lightweight to ensure you don’t go over your weight limits, and the cubes come in a range of colors to match your case or ensure you don’t mix up your cubes with those of other family members. These well-reviewed cubes are also available in a 5-piece kit for packers who love that little bit of extra storage space.

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2. HOPSOOKEN Packing Cubes Set


The HOPSOOKEN Packing Cubes Set is a solid choice for long-term travelers who need to do laundry on the road. Not only does the set come with four packing cubes of various sizes, it also includes a handy laundry bag, which can be used to keep your dirty clothes separate until laundry day. The different sized cubes make it easy to keep your underwear, shirts and pants stored apart, while the choice of five colors, including bright green and blue, let you pick the best match for your backpack. Each cube features double zippers for easy opening and closing and even comes with a printed suggestion on the top for what to keep inside.

four hopsooken packing cubes and one shoe bag in deep purpleImage courtesy of Amazon


3. JJ POWER Travel Packing Cubes


For a choice of pastel-colored storage options, try the JJ POWER Travel Packing Cubes. This six-piece set includes five clothes cubes and an additional shoe bag. The shoe bag also features a handy pocket for storing slippers or flip flops alongside a pair of shoes and has a reinforced handle for easy and comfortable carrying. All of the cubes are constructed from a tough and durable material, which is both waterproof and has double stitching at the joints to improve the cubes’ strength and longevity. The set includes two smaller cubes, one medium cube and two larger cubes, which means there’s plenty of storage space for long trips away.

six jj power packing cubes in whiteImage courtesy of Amazon


4. PRO Packing Cubes Packing Cubes


Whether you’re hiking, traveling for business, camping or cruising, this versatile set of PRO Packing Cubes Packing Cubes is made to come with you. Not only is each of the four cubes made from lightweight materials, they also sport double YKK zippers, double stitched seams and a carry handle mounted on the side for easy carrying and moving. Furthermore, all the top panels are constructed from a tough mesh, which allows you to see into your cube without opening it, preventing any messes as you search for a particular piece of clothing. In addition, the set is available in a range of colors, including a mixed color option which makes identifying the cube you’re after even easier.

four pro cubes in pinkImage courtesy of Amazon


5. YAMIU Packing Cubes


It’s rare that any product maintains a five-star average once it passes 100 reviews on Amazon. Yet after 1,600+ reviews, the YAMIU Packing Cubes still have an outstanding rating. This packing cube set has truly thought of everything and includes four packing cubes alongside a shoe bag and two toiletry bags to boot. The set includes two small cubes, one medium cube and one large cube, and each is made from a water-resistant fabric, which is lightweight and durable. All the cubes have carry handles and mesh fronts for easy identification of what’s inside. The shoe bag sports an easy carry handle, too. In addition, the two toiletry bags are different sizes, one is for larger toiletries like towels and washcloths, while the other TSA-approved bag is carry-on friendly, so you can carry what you might want on any long haul flights. When you order this set, you’ll also get the choice of six attractive colors and an accompanying lifetime guarantee.

four yamiu packing cubes, two toiletry bags and a shoe bag in tealImage courtesy of Amazon


6. Dot&Dot Large Packing Cubes for Travel


These Dot&Dot Large Packing Cubes are a great choice for packers who want a balance between organization and chaos. All four cubes are the same size and provide plenty of space for organizing your belongings. However, because there are no smaller-sized cubes, it may be more convenient to use smaller items to pad your case and maximize the space available. Each of the cubes sports a durable mesh front, durable zippers and a honeycomb, water-resistant fabric. This set has also received top marks from 88% of Amazon users, making it one of the best reviewed options on our list.

four dot and dot packing cubes in blackImage courtesy of Amazon


These $12 Packing Cubes Are Dust-Proof, Mold-Proof and Waterproof

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