The best movies since the beginning of 2019, how many movies have you seen?

The best movies since the beginning of 2019, how many movies have you seen?

The first half of 2019 has passed, and the film world has also had impressive moments. Some works are considered to be real blockbusters, while another is highly praised for the value they bring, and can even compete for an Oscar. Of course, the bombs still exist, for example, X-Men Dark Phoenix or Hellboy, for example, but look at the positive side. In this article I will list the movies that the community thinks are the best since the beginning of 2019 until now, in alphabetical order.

Amazing Grace

There is rarely a 100% perfect documentary, but the performance of the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin in January 1972 when she recorded the album Amazing Grace at New Temple Missionary Baptish Church in Los Angeles is only possible. described by perfect adjectives. It is worth making wonderful images when the music blends with faith that should have been released since 1972, but has difficulty syncing images and sound. Nearly 40 years later, thanks to the help of the digital era, the audience was able to enjoy one of the best musical theme documentaries of all time, perhaps just behind Woodstock, recording precious image of a historic concert in 1969. Father James Cleveland stood up, then sat down in a corner of the chair, crying like a child when the high notes of the song Amazing Grace were new to the queen 29 age shown, perhaps the best picture in the film village this year, regardless of whether the viewer is a religious person or not.

Avengers: Endgame

It cost 356 million USD to produce, and bring in more than 2.7 billion USD of revenue for Marvel and Disney, not to mention the ability to subvert Avatar to become the highest grossing film of all time, Endgame is a result literally blockbuster. It was hard to find a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan who felt Endgame was not satisfied. The "ending" of the 22 MCU films, starting with Iron Man, was a trip back to the memories, but there was no shortage of epic battle scenes that made the theater clap warmly.


Comedy films take on the topic of a crazy night without shortage, but under the hands of Olivia Wilde in her first work as director, the story of two nerd girls and a crazy party before tissue graduation full of humanity and honestly depicting the insecurities, idiotic thoughts of teenagers before stepping out of high school.


In the screenwriter's work, director Kent Jones, Mary Kay Place had the best performance of her acting career, playing the role of a retired widow woman trying to overcome obstacles of her age. old as well as of life. The lifelong experiences are challenged by an addicted son, and the trap called "everyday life" is described in real life but meaningful.

An Elephant Sitting Still

Chinese art film makers are having a glorious moment. There are works like Jia Zhang Kha's Ash is the Purest White, borrowed underworld theme to describe the environmental impacts and human psychology in the development race. Director Long's Long Day’s Journey Into Night finds out the true value hidden deep inside a small village and the recollection of the main character behind the capitals of the city. But the leading position must be An Elephant Sitting Still by director Ho Ba. Borrow the story of a stolen phone to describe teenage people torn in social conflicts to the point where it could collapse. There are no elephants in the movie at all, but it has always been heavily invisible in the film, like the hope and ambition of buried youth. The director Ho Ba, after finishing his masterpiece of his life, ended his life at the age of 29.

High Flying Bird

Once again, director Steven Soderbergh proved to have no huge budget to create a movie that you can enjoy comfortably, just like the Ocean trilogy and then Logan Lucky. The director who won an Oscar with Traffic used a lens-mounted iPhone 8 to record the story of a representative trying to create a commotion in the midst of the NBA transfer season. The hidden corners of the professional league, from matches, profits and personal brands are thrown into the race with a great performance by veteran actor André Holland.

John Wick: Chapter 3

After the first two parts, it was rare for anyone to think that John Wick would return in such an impressive way. Keanu Reeves has found a role for his life with John Wick, working with the same friends who have played for him in The Matrix. It is really hard to write about a neat, neat movie like John Wick. It was impressive, it was beautiful, and it was so spectacular, the latter part was always better than the previous one.


If Dexter Fletcher's acting career was unimpressive, he found success as a director, after taking the bohemian Bohemian Rhapsody and making it an Oscar nominee. . Next, Dexter Fletcher and young actor Taron Egerton continue to describe Elton John's life in the colorful film Rocketman. This work makes many fans think that Taron will get an Oscar again like Rami Malek did when playing Freddie Mercury.

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese

The film's name itself has made many people curious. The film, directed by great talent Scorsese, mixes both history and fiction to create a story where legend Bob Dylan remembers nothing of the legendary Rolling Thunder Revue tour. In the time when there was no internet and social network, behind the chicken wings were illusory stories or mixed contemporary events that surprised viewers.

The Souvenir

Perhaps, The Souvenir is the most disbanded fan community on this list. Some people will love it, some hate it, but undeniably the effort of female director Joanna Hogg when telling a story about an 80s British filmmaker, the insecurities beside a man She thought it was the right choice of her life.


Peele's answer to Us to overcome the shadow of Get Out is obvious. He molded a film with stature, ambition and even the messages hidden below the film content were even more remarkable than Get Out. On the one hand, it is an impressive horror movie. It was gruesome, dark and full of tension, even more so than Get Out. But on the other hand, it's a movie made by Jordan Peele, an American, for American audiences. Nearly 2 hours of sitting in my theater are myself watching the images and details of duality. From the main character Adelaide, her family and evil "twins" versions, only want to harm others, go to harmless details that enter into the movie. Until now, he was afraid of scissors. Normally, scissors at home is a tool for housework, how much work can be done, but when it comes to movies, it becomes a thing that is seen as scrawny. It is very different from the feeling of seeing a knife in a horror movie, which has been exploited to saturation.

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