The best Minecraft Mods

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“Mods” are versions of original games and apps that have had their source codes modified. They have been gaining a lot of popularity among gamers, due to the free resources for customization – changing colors, integrating new items and characters, for example. Minecraft already has several park mods that significantly improve gameplay. In this article, we selected some of the best Minecraft mods, for you, who were interested in getting to know them.

Best Minecraft Mods

Mods are available for PC and mobile devices, unfortunately they are not compatible with consoles.

  • Terraforged: is a mod, based on the Java language that creates more immersive worlds to explore, with new terrains, rivers and personalized biome resources.

  • Dungeon Crawl: Dungeon Crawl generates large underground structures similar to the roguelike. Remember, the size of the dungeons is random.

  • Biomes O’Plenty: with 80 biomes and 12 sub-biomes, you will definitely join and get your hands dirty to create a new world to play. The difference with this mod is that it also adds various items such as food, armor, tools.

  • Minimap: provides a map located in the right corner of the screen, mapping a world in real time, and shows mobs and items for maps and teleportation.

  • Mod Rope Bridge: If you are not agile enough to jump from one mountain to another or climb a tower and jump to another, this mod was made for you – it creates bridges, to make life easier for players.

  • The Twilight Forest: the mod is super simple, you can create a portal to transport yourself to another dimension of forest, full of new mobs.

  • JurassiCraft: the name says it all, doesn’t it? The cool thing here is being able to build a prehistoric world, full of exotic plants and dinosaurs. Then, go around extracting DNA from fossils.

  • Chisel: if you are passionate about aesthetics and decoration, these mods are perfect for you – apply textures to the blocks, which are poorer in appearance.

  • files Pam’s Harvestcraft: this mod will please those with diet problems. He offers many products to vary and balance eating habits – he creates an orchard with many fruit trees, plants shrubs and takes care of fish ponds.

  • Just Enough Items: JEI is a mod for viewing items and recipes for Minecraft. It was created from scratch, for more stability and performance.

  • Galacticraft: your interest is the universe? You chose it right, this mod explores the solar system, and puts you at the center of rewarding missions, visiting planets with your own mobs.

  • Vampirism: with this mod, you will transform into a vampire and take advantage of the speed and strength of these creatures.

Photo: © Mika Baumeister – Unsplash

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