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The Best Lounge Chairs for the Beach or the Backyard

Lightweight outdoor furniture isn’t always comfortable. We’re talking about you, folding nylon chairs in a bag. But being outside doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice feeling in your butt and legs. We’ve found three affordable, portable, and yes, even comfortable outdoor lounge chairs. Like, zero gravity comfortable.

The three outdoor lounge chairs on our list have several benefits in common. They are made from sturdy material that can withstand the elements, the fold up into an easy-carry position, which also makes them convenient to store, and most importantly, they’re comfortable.

The Ostrich Lounge Chair is our top pick for the beach, with its smart face cavity, it’s ideal for stomach sleepers and sunbathers. The Best Choice and Caravan lounge chairs are both zero-gravity, which is explained by HealthyBack.com as a chair that evenly distributes the users’ weight across the chair to give the feeling of being weightless. Medical professionals list zero gravity chairs as the healthiest option when sitting, with the long list of pros including reduced swelling in legs, less pressure on the heart, better circulation, a decrease in neck and back pain and more. We’ve even found a chair that comes with a drink tray. Find your most comfortable position and stay there…all day long.

Check out our three favorite outdoor lounge chairs and get ready to, well, lounge.


1. Ostrich Lounge Chaise

Sunbathe on your back or stomach with the smartly designed Ostrich Lounge Chaise, which features a patented open/close face cavity that acts as a pillow when laying on your back and a comfortable hole for your face when laying on your stomach. We love that the cavity allows users to read while laying on their stomachs and avoid an uncomfortable neck twisting, making this a great addition to any beach day. The lightweight chair has three folding positions, a carrying handle, is made from rust-resistant aluminum and quick-dry fabric and can support up to 250 pounds.

Pros: The Ostrich comes in five fun color options, including a retro blue and white stripe.

Cons: If users set up the Ostrich incorrectly without fully opening the legs first, the chaise will collapse when used.

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2. Best Choice Products Folding Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge Chair

Get relief from the sun with the adjustable canopy and UV-resistant Texteline mesh fabric of the Best Choice Products Folding Zero Gravity Recliner lounge chair. The chair features a smooth lockable reclining system, which glides into an ergonomic zero-gravity position or can remain in a straight seated position. We also like that the chair has a removable headrest for a more comfortable experience.

Pros: The Best Choice chair comes with a removable cup holder and tray, perfect for keeping drinks, magazines, phones and more within arm’s reach.

Cons: At 20.5 pounds, this is the heaviest chair on our list.

Best Choice Products Folding Zero Gravity Recliner Lounge ChairImage courtesy of Amazon


3. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

Get comfortable everywhere with the portable Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair, which is easy to carry and store with a 6.3 inch folded width. The Caravan includes a new and improved locking system, which means users can feel safe whether they’re in a seated position or giving their back a break in the chair’s zero gravity reclined position. Like the Best Choice chair, the Caravan also has an adjustable headrest and durable outdoor-grade Textilene fabric.

Pros: The Caravan is the only chair on our list that can support up to 300 pounds, making it the best option for heavier users.

Cons: Unlike the Best Choice chairs, the Caravan doesn’t have a canopy or removable tray.

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity ChairImage courtesy of Amazon

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