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LEGO sets have brought together many families and friends and have become some of the best gift ideas for kids and adults alike.

When it comes to which LEGO set(s) to choose, however, it is strictly a personal choice but for the LEGO enthusiast, we have found some great sets that may not only conjure up images of your childhood but will test your resilience as well.

If you are a Harry Potter fan then you will love the intricately designed model of the Hogwarts Castle with an extraordinary 6,000+ pieces. For train enthusiasts, the unique motorized train set will give everyone that comes in contact with it hours of fun with its multiple play functions and cool features. Our last favorite pick is the iconic Statue of Liberty. This comes part of their Architecture line which includes some of the most incredible cityscapes and landmarks all across the globe and are designed mostly for display.

These sets are all highly rated, guaranteed to please and you will be hard pressed to find a negative review of any of these builds.


1. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Building Kit

The Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle by LEGO is a highly detailed collectible set with over 6,000 pieces of fun. When finished you will have built an iconic Hogwarts Castle replica from the infamous Harry Potter series which includes four LEGO Harry Potter mini-figures, 27 micro-figures, boats and numerous classrooms. Once finished, the castle measures over 22″ high.

PROS: The “Great Hall” dining area includes moving staircases, buildable stained glass windows and much more.

CONS: This is a limited edition item and once gone will increase in price from third-party sellers.

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2. LEGO City Cargo Train Toy

The LEGO City Cargo Train is a super powerful motorized train with an 8-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control that can transport almost anything. The train features a crate with a hook that will load and unload heavy cargo, multiple cars and comes with a full circular train track. Other builds include a forklift, cargo train station, mini-figures and trucks.

PROS: LEGO City toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building.

CONS: As this set is motorized, it requires 6+ batteries of different sizes.

City Cargo Train Set LEGOImage Courtesy Amazon


3. LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty Building Kit

LEGO’s Architecture line combines architecture and structure to create this Statute of Liberty set. This LEGO interpretation, with 1000+ pieces, reproduces the monument with its intricately detailed pedestal, brick-detailing and columned balconies. In addition, it is finished with an authentic sand-green and beige color scheme and decorative nameplate.

PROS: This set measures over 17″ high and comes complete with detailed crown and golden torch.

CONS: Due to the intricate nature of the Statue of Liberty, this set comes with more small pieces than most sets.

Statue of Liberty LEGO ArchitectureImage Courtesy Amazon

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