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The Best Internal Solid Sate Drives (SSD)

If you’re in the market for a new hard drive or want to build a computer from scratch, we recommend using an Internal SSD. An SSD, or solid state drive, is similar to a hard drive in many ways, with its basis being a place to store files and data. But where the two items differ is in their rate of performance, abilities, and reliability. In these instances, the SSD wins every time.

Unlike a typical hard drive, which becomes slower and declines in quality as more files are fragmented and split, SSDs aren’t affected by where and how data is stored.  SSDs use flash memory to store files, while hard drives rely on magnetic platters. As explained by Tech Terms, because SSD’s are solid units with no moving parts, they don’t have a ‘warm up’ period when retrieving data, which means you can access programs and files at a much faster rate.

The lack of a magnetic platter also means that data on the SSD won’t be comprised if the unit is placed near magnetic fields, and with no internal moving parts, there are fewer chances for something inside an SSD breaking down. No moving parts also mean no sound, making SSD’s preferable to traditional hard drives.

The advantages of SSD’s do come at a price, with the units often priced much higher than traditional hard drives, meaning most affordable SSD options have a smaller storage size than hard drives. But with SSD’s using less power, which means a lower power bill, and increasing battery life, there are built-in cost advantages.

If you’re ready to make the switch or want to use a SSD with your hard drive, here are three great options.


1. WD Blue 1TB PC Hard Drive

Perfect for gamers, professionals, and anyone who wants a fast computer with a ton of storage, the WD Blue 1TB PC Hard Drive is an SSD and HDD hybrid.

Pros: One of the few available, the WD Blue is an SSD and HDD hybrid, which gives users a ton of storage at an affordable price, like a traditional HDD, with the speed and loading time of an SDD. With the WD Blue, users can save non-essential data to the hard drive side and use the SDD for everyday files and programs. The WD Blue comes with a three-year limited warranty and comes with Acronis True Image, which enables users to easily copy all their data from their old hard drive to the WD Blue.

Cons: By going with a hybrid, not all files can be accessed as quickly as using a straight internal SDD, making this a better option for casual computer users and not gamers.

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2. Crucial MX500 2TB Internal SSD

Protect against power outages with the award-winning Crucial MX500 2TB Internal SSD, which will preserve all saved work even if power is lost thanks to the Integrated Power Loss Immunity.

Pros: The Crucial comes with smart backups built in thanks to the Integrated Power Loss Immunity, which preserves saved work even in the case of power outages. Appropriate for both PCs and Macs, the Crucial comes with a 5-year limited warranty, which is significantly longer than the WD Blue, and has a read and write speed of 560/510. Access files and programs quickly with the Accelerated by Micron 3D NAND technology and easily transfer data using the Acronis True Image for Crucial.

Cons: The Crucial is significantly more expensive than the other two internal SSDs on our list because of its size.

Crucial MX500 2TB Internal SSD

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3. Samsung EVO 500GB SATA III Internal SSD

With enhanced performance that is designed for gaming, business, and personal use, the Samsung EVO 500GB SATA III Internal SSD provides super-fast speeds with ample storage space.

Pros: The Samsung is a PC and Mac-friendly SSD that is designed specifically for gaming and business use. Like the Crucial, the Samsung has a five-year limited warranty and has 1.5 million hours of reliability. With boosted endurance that can handle multi-tasking and rendering large 4K videos and 3D data, the Samsung has a read and write speed of 550/520, with a shorter range between the two than the Crucial.

Cons: Some customers had issues with the Samsung Magician app.

Samsung EVO 500GB SATA III Internal SSD

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