The Best HP Ink Cartridges: Get Vibrant and Clear Copies

When it’s time to buy ink for your HP printer, the options are clear – HP printer cartridges. While many companies produce knock-off printer cartridges that may fit your HP printer, there are several reasons why sticking with the trusted brand will not only give you better quality print jobs but also save you money in the long run.

HP printer cartridges have enough ink to produce twice the number of prints as refill cartridges, meaning the discount ink you may be considering for your printer isn’t actually the less expensive option. HP printer cartridges are designed to attach the ink to paper, not the printer’s nozzle, which means HP ink lasts twice as long as the other brands.

Customers regularly pick HP printer cartridges over competitors because of the company’s commitment to quality ink, which not only gives customers clean and crisp print jobs but won’t damage their HP printer. HP ink is also fade-resistant, making it an excellent option for documents and photographs.

We also love that all the HP printer cartridges on our list can be purchased through the Amazon Dash replenishment service, making it easier than ever to order new cartridges, ensuring you’ll never run out of ink again.

Find out which printer cartridge is right for your HP printer by checking out our favorite options below


1. HP 61 Black Ink Cartridge HP 61 Tri-Color Ink Cartridge

Compatible with more than 40 HP printers, the HP 61 Black Ink Cartridge HP 61 Tri-Color Ink Cartridge comes with two printer cartridges in one set.

Pros: The HP 61 multipack is a more economical purchase than buying the Black and Tri-Color cartridges separately. The Black ink cartridge can print up to 190 pages, while the Tri-Color packs enough ink for 165 pages.

Cons: Some customers found that their cartridges did not last as long as advertised.

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2. HP 951 Ink Cartridges In Cyan, Magenta & Yellow

Print up to 700 pages with the HP 951 Ink Cartridges In Cyan, Magenta & Yellow, which bring photos to life with vibrant and colorful prints.

Pros: The HP 951 multipack includes three cartridges per pack for a total of 700 pages, with the three cartridges great for those who frequently print in color.

Cons: The set does not include black ink. Some customers received cartridges that weren’t in HP packaging and appeared to not be new.

HP 951 Ink Cartridges In Cyan, Magenta & Yellow

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3. HP 63 Black & Tri-color Ink Cartridges,

Print in black and color with the HP 63 Black & Tri-color Ink Cartridges.

Pros: The HP 63 packs enough ink for 190 pages in black and 165 using the Tri-color printer cartridges. Like the first two HP printer cartridges on our list, the HP 63 can also be used on photo paper.

Cons: The HP 63 works with only half as many printer models as the HP 61.

HP 63 Black & Tri-color Ink Cartridges,

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