Dell is a brand that is no stranger in the Vietnamese technology market. The products that Dell brings to consumers are always of high quality and a strong foothold thanks to durability, high performance, and reasonable price. Computer mouse is also a product line that is very popular with Vietnamese consumers. Here Phong Vu will list the most popular Dell computer mouse models for you right now.

Mouse wireless DELL WM126

Designed with a compact body and rounded curves pushed upwards to create a sense of palm. Equipped with an optical sensor up to 1000DPI to help your operations be faster and more accurate. Stable pass with up to 12 months of battery life, this is definitely a mouse you can not ignore.

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Dell MS116 mouse

The mouse is designed to be extremely simple, meeting all the tasks of the user such as office work and even meet the needs of gaming. With a low price of just under 150k, this is definitely a great choice.

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Dell MS116

Wireless mouse Dell Bluetooth Mouse WM615

Owning a unique and strange design unique to Dell, the combination of user experience and modernity makes you comfortable in all operations using the mouse. Customizable in 2 states, thanks to the middle rotation. Your mouse will be more unique than ever. What are you waiting anymore without buying yourself a unique mouse.

Dell Bluetooth Mouse WM615

Above are the 3 most used Dell computer mice of the year. If you have any questions please comment below let Phong Vu know!

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