The best creations of the year in the spotlight

This weekend took place the second award ceremony Impys ! And… You don’t know what it is. And that’s part of the problem. The Impy’s, these are the prizes that reward the bests creations within Dreams, the tool for creating games on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 (via backward compatibility).

The first ceremony of Impy’s took place exactly 1 year ago, as the game came out of its long evaluation period and was rendu available to the general public. It was then the opportunity for the latter to discover what it was possible to achieve with the tool: digital board bluffing photoréalisme, arcade game at retro perfume or more ambitious adventure, musical video … The power of Dreams enables all of this, and more.e.

But power has to be earned, and Dreams asks the player-creator for a real investment to obtain correct results. We will have to work! Moreover, when it comes out, we had seen species of small development studios hatch in a spontaneous, Dreams allowing several people to work on the same project thanks to its online sharing features …

We imagined that thes players would slowly grasp the tool, which the soft would become a nest of nuggets, give birth to vocations and perhaps allow us to discover the developers of tomorrow … It is clear that a year pread late, we are not there yet.

If a community exists and remains active, as evidenced bya ceremony Impy’s, we stay on an audience of niche. Fault, in part, probably, to the complexity of the game we talked about above. If the latter does everything to let us enter, with video tutorial, a catalog of models immediatelyent accessible, etc., Dreams remains very demanding. Too much.

We say to ourselves that to “release” the creations of Dreams, to be able to play it outside of the title itself could help give it back some popularity, at the same time that it would fuel the still very poor game library of the PlayStation 5. A PlayStation 5 on which Dreams could have also be installed by default, to give ourselves the means to convince as many players as possible to give it a try … A port on other machines, a time mentioned, could also help in this direction.

In the meantime, the winners of Impy’s 2021 and their ever-impressive creations can be discovered on the Twitch channel of Media Molecule, or sur YouTube.


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