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The Best Couches You Can Buy Online in 2019

Sofas are one of the most used items in your home and can make or break a room. When it comes to choosing a sofa, the first step is to think deeply about the purpose your sofa will serve. Are you going to have friends spending the night often who are in need of a place to crash? Or are you simply looking for a place to sit and watch TV that isn’t your bed or your kitchen table? Perhaps your apartment or living room is a feeling a little boring and you’re hoping to make a statement with a big and bold couch? Whatever the reason, there’s a couch out there for you.

After deciding the purpose of your future sofa, your next step is to consider dimensions. Sure, you may like the look of a certain option, but if it doesn’t fit within the confines of your apartment, the look won’t matter much, you’ll have to return it. Luckily, measuring has never been easier than now as our options list their dimensions front and center.

From there, it all comes down to the look. All of our couches featured below are good looking, but each has its own style and take. If you want leather, there’s an option for you. Likewise, if you’re looking for something that is a bit more budget friendly, but still attractive, we’ve got you covered.


1. Rivet Aiden Tufted Leather Sofa

Measuring 74 inches wide and 36 inches deep, Rivet’s leather Aiden sofa is an ideal couch for upgrading the style of any room. Along with the sofa comes two smart-looking cylindrical pillows which add another layer of class to this already attractive piece of furniture. Best suited in a study or library, this couch is for reading or enjoying a stiff drink, not for watching the game or lounging around with pets. Rivet pulled out the stops with this one, offering a 1-year warranty and a 30 day trail period where you can return it risk free, if you so choose. Though it comes in a handful of different colors, we prefer the leather make in Cognac. Not only is it easy to match with a vast array of home decors, it just looks amazing.

Pros: Leather construction with a tufted bottom cushion, the Aiden is great looking and easy to clean when compared to the other options on our list. Leather makes this a pricier couch, but a much more durable one.

Cons: Though it doesn’t need it, there is an ottoman available, but it’s sold separately.

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2. Rivet Revolve Sofa

Whereas our previous option from Rivet gave more off more of an old school aesthetic, we love the Revolve option from Rivet because of its simplicity. While premium leather is nice, the polyester make of the Revolve’s upholstry allows it to be less high maintenance than the Aiden. However, it still boats quality, good looking wooden finishes and comes in a range of colors that will do wonders to your apartment or home. Our personal favorite is the Heritage Green. Let’s face it, walls come in grays and whites, and most floors are a shade of brown. With everything else in your apartment likely very drab and boring, a strong green like that of this sofa will make your couch the centerpiece of your living room.

Pros: Assembly could not be simpler and doesn’t take much more than attaching the legs and situating the pillows.

Cons: At just under 80-inches wide, this is a large couch and may be too big depending on the size of your room or apartment.

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3. Zinus Ricardo Contemporary Upholstered Living Room Couch

Best known for their surprisingly comfortable and outrageously affordable memory foam mattresses, Zinus has wandered into the realm of sofas and love seats, and we can’t say we’re upset about it. Their Ricardo Contemporary Sofa is a fresh take on classic couch silhouette, and at 78.4-inches long, it will fit well in nearly any room setup. For those who are living the single, studio life, this Zinus packs everything you need in a couch and then some. It’s not so big that it will dominate your tiny floor plan, but it’s also not too small so you and a few friends can’t pile on to watch the game. What’s more, setup is a breeze. All of the necessary tools come included when your couch arrives and you can even handle setup solo (though we’d recommend having a friend for moral support). Best of all, if something goes wrong, Zinus adds in a 1-year, worry-free warranty.

Pros: The Ricardo Contemporary is a handsome-looking couch that will sit well in any living room but is ideal for those working with a budget. What’s more, it comes with an outstanding 1-year warranty (especially for the price), and setup is easy.

Cons: The Ricardo doesn’t give the most space and if you have a big family, another option would be best.

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