The Best Chivalry 2 Classes to Play

Chivalry 2 Vanguard
The Vanguard can fly into battle dealing heavy damage with charged attacks. Image via Torn Banner Studios.

The Vanguard is a fast-moving, long-lasting class, with a fairly decent health pool. The class is primarily one of the strongest in the game for putting out damage, though it does have the downside of easily overwhelmed outside of 1v1’s. For those who get good at fighting in the melee, or can isolate targets for the 1v1, the Vanguard will feel like one of the best classes in Chivalry 2.

One of the attractive elements of the Vanguard is its iconic Leaping Strike ability. The character jumps into the fight and slams down on the target. The move is brilliant when charging into battle on an opponent, but doing it into a crowd who see you coming is a way to get yourself fragged.

For those who want to excel in the class, a large amount of stamina and the room to get good at the game is a selling point. Learning how to get initiative and mastering the flow of combat will for sure lead to some stylistic plays as the Vanguard can outlast other classes.

Vanguard Subclasses

Devastator – The Dev is a two-handed wielding brute, with the option to use the maul to absolutely destroy unarmored heads and armoured opponents alike. Furthermore, they get access to a firebomb, which leaves a temporary pool of burning oil on the eh ground, dealing heavy ticking damage to those stood inside.

Raider – The Raider is unique in the sense they are one of the only classes that can use two primary weapons in their inventory. Therefore, the Raider is the most incredibly adaptive class in the game as both weapons can suit different niches and situations. As for their ability, they use a War Horn, which increases the health regen of all allies within range. Markers of those who need health appear above the heads of their characters before activating the Horn.

Ambusher – The Ambusher is the master flanker in Chivalry 2. Their unique perk is they get a 35% bonus damage to hitting enemies from behind, along with fast-hitting weapons to get the pressure on their opponents. Furthermore, they have several throwing weapons and a replenished ammo ability to site that fast-moving hybrid ranged and melee assassin.

Vanguard Ranked

By far the best of the bunch is the first subclass, the Devastator. The Devastator is by far the best of the three as it is the most straightforward and benefits the most out of getting good at melee fighting. Not to mention they have one of the best melee weapons in the game that will reward very good players. Just be careful of Archers and throwing weapons as they are the natural counter to this class, that and being bad at blocking, chambering, or parrying. Overall, they are by far one of the best Chivalry 2 Classes in the game, if not the best for more experienced players to the genre.

The next best is the Raider. The healing Horn is great for team players and the versatility of the two primary weapons allows them to adapt to any other melee class in the game. However, they lose that offensive playstyle that comes with the Devastator, which is where the class shines.

Finally, the Ambusher appears to be the worst. While its damage bonus is not bad, the difficulty is the playstyle simply has too many difficulties getting into a position to perform its role.

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