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The Best Cashmere Sweaters to Stay Warm in 2019

The cashmere sweater has extraordinary versatility in any modern man’s wardrobe, and cashmere’s luxurious connotation is just an added bonus. There are several levels and grades of cashmere, but even the most basic thereof are wonderfully soft — just a 5-10% addition of the fiber to any garment can lend a warm and cloud-like feel that is unrivaled by most fabrics. Cheap cashmere, however, is something to stay away from as it tends to pill and lose its shape quickly. Which is why we kept those options out of our list. The budget option, Uniqlo, still maintains a fairly high level of quality despite their reasonable pricing.

Cashmere can also reach the uppermost echelons of comfort and quality, and we do highlight some of those below. To round out your rotation, we suggest a few more reasonably priced sweaters, and perhaps a splurge here and there for a particularly special evening.

Inherently warmer than it’s more basic cousins in the wool family, a thin cashmere sweater will keep you just as warm as a bulkier lambswool or merino sweater. All of our picks also come with a slim cut that make them a wonderful option for layering. The aforementioned softness makes these sweaters incredible easy to wear, as well. So weather you’re based in California or the middle of the country, you can’t go wrong with adding a cashmere sweater to your winter wardrobe rotation.

1. Everlane Grade-A Cashmere Crew Sweater


If you are buying your first cashmere sweater, or want to buy one with the a ton of versatility, this crisp heather grey option from internet darling Everlane is a sure fire option. The light grey goes with just about anything — your beat up Red Wings, jeans and pea coat? You betcha. How about as a layer over a dress shirt and tie with a navy suit? Perfect. Wear it by itself, wear it under a shawl collar sweater, wear it with an overcoat. Heck, you can even wear it with nice sweatpants. Your imagination is the limit with this slim-cut, 100% cashmere sweater from Everlane.

Image Courtesy of Everlane


2. Thom Browne Cashmere Tonal Sweater


Thom Browne’s ability to take basic changes and have them add up to a striking piece of fashion — without losing wearability — is an incredible feat. Technically, all this sweater has done is change up the shades of grey and add a few stripes. But, in its entirety, this is an incredibly chic sweater which must be seen to be believed. Despite being kind of crazy, it just works. Wear it with a simple navy flannel trouser, chocolate suede chukka boots, and a double breasted camel overcoat and look like you own a loft in that cool part of town.


Thom Browne Cashmere SweaterImage Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue


3. Uniqlo Cashmere V Neck Sweater


If you have a job which requires suits or standard business casual wear, these sweaters by Uniqlo have incredible wearability at a price point that allows you to pick up several colors. As you’ll likely be wearing them over a dress shirt and under a suit jacket, the V-neck option is best to frame the collar of the shirt and your face, while staying thin enough to fit well underneath the suit coat or sport jacket you may be wearing. Pick up this punchy blue to start, which will look good under any suit from navy and gray to tan.

uniqlo cashmere sweaterImage courtesy of Uniqlo


4. Brooks Brothers Cable Knit Crewneck Cashmere Sweater


The Cable-Knit sweater, executed this well, has both a “made by grandma” and “high end country club” vibe simultaneously. Cable knits started with Irish fisherman sweaters, and the visual addition has been recreated several times with varying thickness and boldness — in this circumstance, they’re nice and subtle with only minimal thickness, adding style without weight. Pick this one up in a cozy baby blue for an intriguing color to wear with your holiday best. (This particular option is best paired with fuzzy slippers and a warm cup of hot chocolate.)

Brooks Brothers SweaterImage Courtesy of Brooks Brothers


5. J Crew Cashmere Hoodie


The hoodie is just as important an option in your closet as the cashmere sweater. Both have very necessary places in the rotation. Occasionally, that rotation will provide you an occasion where either would work, so why not have the perfect choice ready to go in your closet? Need a layer to throw on at the beach? Grab this option. Movie night with the lady? This cashmere hoodie has you covered. Regardless of the situation, be it classy or casual, this hoodie will keep you stylish and warm.

J Crew Cashmere hoodieImage Courtesy of J Crew


6. Naked Cashmere Cruz V Neck Sweater


A casual, not-too-fitted sweater with a little visual interest makes for a great date night option. The full cut, V-neck, and charcoal gray makes it basic enough, while the bicep stripes give this sweater some great stylistic acuity not found in other options. Wear this with a pair of black jeans, lace-up boots, and a camel overcoat on your way to drinks, and enjoy your casual chic look! Naked Cashmere Cruz Sweater


7. Naadam Unisex Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater


Do you have a lady in your life who would look absolutely adorable in your oversize sweater? Here’s your sweater! Naadam is a new brand toting that you join the “Cult of Cashmere” and “Worship the Goats.” This particular cut is marketed towards both men and women, so it has options for making yourself your own Romantic Comedy scene. Pick it up in a versatile Olive and enjoy your lazy Sundays this winter.


Naadam Cashmere SweaterImage Courtesy of Naadam


8. Everlane Heavyweight Cashmere Crew


Maybe you’d prefer a nice, thick, warm option to just throw on all by itself. Leave the button down, the jacket, whatever else you thought you may have needed behind, and just get a nice thick sweater. Everlane’s cashmere options are numerous and excellent, so pick up this choice in this great navy donegal and brave the fall nights ahead!

Everlane Heavy Cashmere SweaterImage Courtesy of Everlane


9. Lands End Fine Guage Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater


For a turtleneck option, Lands End makes a nice cozy sweater for you to enjoy. Lands End has been a secret reasonably priced option for style experts for years, and this sweater is a perfect example thereof. It’s a quality product offered at an outstanding price. Wear it under a suit, or with smart plaid flannel trousers. Any number of pairings will work with this versatile and classy sweater.

Lands End Cashmere TurtleneckImage Courtesy of Lands End


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