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The Best Blank Canvases to Help Channel Your Inner Artist

When it comes to painting, all you need are a good set of brushes, your favorite kind of mediums (paints) and the perfect blank canvas upon which to create your masterpiece. Blank canvases are the perfect way for any budding artists or even professionals to start painting and creating.

These blank canvas panels work for a variety of situations including children’s painting parties and student projects to art classes and for hobbyists. They are are also pre-primed and ready to paint out of the box, thus eliminating the time-consuming prep work needed in order to start the painting process. Only high-quality primers are used, which not only help extend the life of your artwork but will help keep the surface pliable in any type of weather and/or painting venue.

As canvases come in a wide range of options, we have narrowed the field down to a few of the best.  Professional-grade, high-quality and made with 100% cotton, these blank painting surfaces all make for an easy and efficient painting experience.


1. Arteza Professional Stretched White Blank Canvas (Pack of 6)

Arteza Professional White Blank Canvasses are the ideal surface for painting with acrylics, oils and gouache paints without compromising the vibrancy, pigmentation or longevity of your artwork. With a 100% all cotton surface, the brushes simply glide over these canvases, making painting easy and effortless and each canvas is already primed and ready to use so you can start creating the second you receive them.

Pros: These high-quality yet affordable canvasses are lightweight and ideal for painting in a studio, outdoors, at class or wherever inspiration may strike.

Cons: These are great beginner canvasses but if you are a professional painter, another option might be better.

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2. PHOENIX Pre-Stretched Canvas for Painting (Pack of 10)

The Phoenix Artist Canvas is made from premium long-staple cotton, specially formulated primer and fine pine wood that are specially selected to manufacture each canvas. These pre-primed canvasses take paint very well and are suitable for all types of media including acrylics, oil, and watercolor. Ideal for artists of all levels, these canvasses are great for everything from a children’s paint party and student projects to collages and professional paintings.

Pros: These canvasses are vacuum-packed individually and then sealed for protection.

Cons: If you need a tightly stretched canvas, another option would be better.

Painting Canvas Phoenix

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3. Artlicious Canvas Panels for Painting (Pack of 12)

The Canvas Panels by Artilicious are the ideal canvas for high volume painters. Made from 100% duck cotton canvas, these primed panels offer the perfect combination of quality, economy and convenience which make them the perfect choice for students, hobbyists and professionals.

Pros: These panels are suitable for oils, acrylics and tempera mediums.

Cons: These panels might have a rougher surface than most canvasses.

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