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The Best and Most Stylish iPhone Wallet Cases

If you’re anything like us, you probably never leave the house without first grabbing your wallet and your phone (although we highly recommend taking your keys, too). So why not combine both into one convenient and stylish package?

These sleek iPhone wallet cases work extra hard to not only protect your device but also keep all your credit, debit and ID cards in one place. And in case (see what we did there?) you’re wondering, yes, we’ve included options that work with iPhones 6 and newer.

1. LUPA iPhone 6S Wallet Case


Designed specifically for the iPhone 6 and 6S, this ultra-thin wallet case lets you store up to four credit cards, an ID and a handful of bills (cause it also helps to have some actual cash on hand). With a sleek and eco-friendly PU leather build, you won’t have to worry about it getting scratched or wearing out over time. It also comes in 13 different color options.

image courtesy of Amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon


2. iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case


Made for the iPhone 7 and 8 models, this sturdy wallet case uses a smart and patented design to feature a handy card slot you can use to keep your ID or credit cards safe. It also includes a foldable lock stand that lets you prop your phone up to watch videos, shows and more. It that wasn’t enough, it even sports an extra durable dual-layer polycarbonate and TPU build that’s designed to withstand drops, shocks and more. It’s also made to be compatible with Apple Pay.

iPhone 8 and 7 Wallet Caseimage courtesy of Amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon


3. iPhone Xs/iPhone X Wallet Case With Card Holder


Made for all your X and Xs owners, this sleek wallet case sports an extra practical design that’s both minimal and efficient. Able to store up to two cards, and ID and some cash, this case also comes with a built-in lock flap, a durable PU leather build and features perfectly placed cutouts to never interfere with your phone’s speakers or camera. It also comes in seven different colors.

iPhone X and Xs Wallet Caseimage courtesy of Amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon


4. iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

While it may not work with the S versions, this wallet case is a great option for iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus owners. The practical design lets you store up to three credit cards seamlessly, and the durable PU leather build is sure to stand up to everyday wear and tear. Made to fit your phones perfectly, it’s a lightweight case that never interferes with day-to-day phone functions, and it even comes with a built-in flap for horizontal viewing. And if you don’t like black, it also comes in a variety of different color options.

iPhone 7 and 8 Plus Wallet Caseimage courtesy of Amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Spigen Slim Armor CS For Apple iPhone 8 Case


Available for both the iPhone 7 and 8, this super sleek phone case is made for people who are always on the go. If you’re in need of a little extra phone protection, this case has got you covered. With a robust dual-layered with shock-absorbent TPU build, it’s made to withstand shocks, drops, bumps and basically anything you can throw at it. And with a handy slide-out door that lets you store your cards, cash and more, it’s incredibly handy.

Spigen iPhone Wallet Caseimage courtesy of Amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Silk iPhone 7/8 Wallet Case

While the case itself is a bit thicker than other options, it’s able to store up to three cards as well as a few bills. The encompassing case features air pocket corners (they call them airbags for your phone), wireless charging capability and a smooth high-grip textured design that helps prevent all those cumbersome phone drops. It’s also available in three vibrant colors.

Silk iPhone Wallet Caseimage courtesy of Amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon


7. iPhone 8 Wallet Case

Not only is the iPhone 8 wallet case super stylish, it’s also deceptively slim. With enough space to store four cards and four bills, it features a super strong magnetic closure and a bright, rugged PU leather build. The uniquely vintage design uses faux leather to craft a really sophisticated case, and the all-over coverage works to keep your whole phone covered. What’s more, each case comes with an extra PET screen protector.

iPhone 8 Wallet Caseimage courtesy of Amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Slim Minimalist iPhone Wallet Case – iPhone 10/iPhone X


Another iPhone X option, this one features a smaller, thinner and more minimalist design. The handy included pocket easily stores up to three cards and some cash, while the extra durable and tight-knit material is made to help keep your extras smug and secure. What’s more, with more than 18 different styles to choose from, each option sports its own colorful design. A great option for everyday use.

Slim iPhone Wallet Caseimage courtesy of Amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon


9. iPhone 7/8 Wallet Case

Slim, stylish and extra practical, this iPhone 7 and 8 wallet case comes with a flip-out kickstand and is made with a beautiful-looking faux leather design that really makes your phone pop. With enough space to store three cards and a handy cash compartment underneath, it includes a hidden magnetic closure for safekeeping. Available in three colors, it also includes a speaker hold design that lets you take calls without ever having to open your phone.

Faux Leather iPhone Wallet Caseimage courtesy of Amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon


10. iPhone X/XS Detachable Leather Wallet Case


And when size isn’t an issue, this X and Xs wallet case is much more than just a cardholder; it’s a fully functional wallet. The detachable design lets you wrap it around your phone while the removable snap-on set helps keep your phone safe from shocks and falls. It also features a genuine leather fabric and has enough space to store all your cards (and cash). With a handful of built-in magnets to help it stay closed when not in use, it’s sure to replace your current wallet. Plus, you know, it holds your phone too.

iPhone X and Xs Leather Wallet Caseimage courtesy of Amazon
Image courtesy of Amazon


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