Réseaux sociaux : des alternatives à Facebook

the best alternatives to Facebook

Facebook has remained at the top of social networks for several consecutive years. According to official information, more than 1.84 billion users log into Facebook every day, almost a third of the world’s population.

The largest number of connections to this social network are in the United States, which has more than 143 million registered users. Indonesia takes second place, but with just over 30 million users it lags far behind. In third place, the UK has 23.3 million users.

However, Facebook is not the only popular online platform. There are many, which also adopt completely different formats. Let’s check out some of the most interesting of them.

News social portals: Reddit and similar sites

Reddit is a popular news social site where users can post their own articles or whatever information they want on the internet. The specificity of the site is that it allows you to rate each post and leave comments, while communicating with other users. Thus, Reddit combines the principles of a news portal and a social network. Many alternatives to Reddit existent :

  • Quora is a knowledge sharing service. It’s a question-and-answer type site where you can find an answer to almost any question. The machine learning algorithm and response scoring system make Quora a truly unique service.
  • Stack Exchange is another question and answer platform covering a wide range of topics. One can find answers here on almost any topic, be it nuclear physics or mobile photography.
  • Digg is a platform for discussing the hottest and most urgent topics of the moment. This very practical service is aimed at people who want to stay up to date and not miss the most interesting information.
  • 4chan is a popular image sharing site and anonymous web forum which, despite its outdated interface and archaic structure, remains the leader in its genre. The site has several main sections: interests, creativity, Japanese culture, adult section and many more.

These sites and other similar services help to stay on top of trends and keep an eye on the news. However, when it comes to chatting and meeting new people, they’re not the best.

Online Video Chats: Omegle and Its Alternatives

Online Video Chats: Omegle and Its Alternatives

Omegle is the first roulette chat in history, the interest of which has not diminished for more than twelve years. And yet the site has a number of drawbacks, from poor moderation to no filters to find people. It’s no surprise that more and more users are turning to more convenient and feature-packed Omegle alternatives.

  • CooMeet : this is probably the best alternative to Omegle and video chats with girls. The special thing about CooMeet is that girls have to confirm their accounts when registering. Thus, the system only connects men with verified girls. To communicate even more easily on CooMeet, you can download the mobile app for iOS and Android, which is not possible with Omegle.
  • Chathub : this quite popular alternative to Omegle features a filter to select the gender of contacts and a super-fast connection. The emphasis is on anonymity and confidentiality. In addition, programmers pay special attention to the security of their service.
  • Emeraldchat : This anonymous video chat is relatively new. In addition to filters for gender and location of contacts, the site also offers filters based on karma. Karma is assigned to each user and changes based on their actions. It also directly affects the users with whom Emeraldchat connects you and the waiting time before a new connection.
  • Tinychat : it is not exactly a classic alternative to Omegle, but rather a streaming service. Here each user can start their own video broadcast which other users connect to. For an additional amount, it is possible to put your broadcast first and therefore attract more visitors.
  • OmeTV : both simple and practical, this Omegle alternative offers users to filter the gender and country of contacts and to communicate in writing or in video chat. In this case, we can activate the function of automatic translation of messages in the selected language, which is very useful for chatting with foreigners without going through a third-party translator.

Additionally, video chats are currently experiencing a surge in popularity due to the coronavirus pandemic. On Omegle, the number of users has more than doubled. Before the pandemic, more than 15,000 people generally visited the site; that number now reaches 30,000 to 35,000.

Microblogging: Tumblr and similar platforms

Microblogging has recently found a special place in the hearts of Internet users. One of the main sites is Tumblr. The platform was launched in 2007 and 6 years later, in 2013, it managed to overtake Instagram in terms of popularity.

Along with Tumblr, many similar sites are of great interest to Internet users.

  • Twitter : a true pioneer among microblogging services. Due to the launch of Instagram, the site has declined slightly in popularity, but even so, over 145 million people around the world continue to use Twitter every day.
  • Pinterest : it is not exactly a classic microblogging, but rather a virtual album where users can add images, create “tables” (collections), add descriptions to images, etc. For some, Pinterest has become a true source of inspiration and creative content for a multitude of tasks.
  • Medium : on a more functional alternative to Tumblr, we can maintain a real blog online, create voluminous publications containing multimedia supports, etc. If the microblogging feature isn’t enough for you to share your opinions and ideas with readers, it’s worth giving Medium a try.
  • Telegra.ph : This is the official blogging platform for Telegram developers. It is possible to publish articles without having an account and without being linked to it. Access to these articles is made exclusively by reference. This is both a plus and a minus of Telegra.ph.

Blog and microblogging services are convenient platforms for expressing yourself, posting content from various authors, discussing interesting topics, or just having a good time.

In summary

The Internet is now an integral part of the life of a modern person. It allows you to quickly find the information you are looking for, share it, get to know other Internet users, discuss any subject, learn things and have fun.

Depending on your desires and preferences, you can choose the services that best suit you: social networks, instant messengers, dating sites and apps, online video chats, blogs and microblogs, comprehensive online encyclopedias and more.

We recommend that you do not try only the main services of a particular segment. There are certainly many others less known but much more practical and functional, which open up many more opportunities for you. A vivid example is Omegle. It is one of the most popular roulette chats in the world, but, at the same time, it is worse off than many alternatives in more ways than one. It is therefore not worth your while to focus only on the statistical superiority of a specific platform.

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