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Large-screen smartphones could’ve left 7-inch tablets irrelevant, but they continue to be a popular choice among users looking for something compact for some light casual use. Most tablets having a 7-inch display are quite inexpensive and are more than ideal for some rough use by your kids. As a personal entertainment device, a 7-inch tablet could be your pal while you are on a go and you wouldn’t even feel any load.

There aren’t many choices when it comes to tablets with 7-inch displays but the ones that do fall under the category are excellent options in their respective price segments. Here are the best 7-inch tablets that you must look at in 2019 along with some alternatives if these devices don’t fit your bill.

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Apple iPad Mini 2019

Apple iPad Mini 2019

One might argue that the iPad Mini comes with a 7.9-inch screen which is closer to the 8-inch mark than it is to 7 inches, but it is such a superior offering that we chose to include it anyway. It is a high-end device coming with a price tag of 399 USD or 449 euros. The 2019 edition of the tablet packs one of the best high-res LCD displays on a tablet and has two great cameras on the front and rear.

It uses the A12 Bionic chipset that is a top-tier processor also powering the iPhone XS lineup. While Apple is on a spree of getting rid of the headphone jack, the iPad Mini was spared at least for this year. Having said that, it is disappointing to see Apple use the now several-generations-old design. As a result, the iPad Mini retains the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and comes with decent battery life.

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Amazon Fire 7 2019

Amazon Fire 7 2019 Tablet

Especially for the western markets, Amazon Fire tablets make more sense in the budget segment, considering the more suitable software experience. The American company recently updated its cheapest Fire 7 tablet for 2019 to give it a minor boost in some of its aspects while still maintaining the inexpensive 49.99 USD price tag. It is positioned as a media consumption device and the company preloads a bunch of entertainment apps both from Amazon and other services.

We’re currently in the process of reviewing this cheap tablet and our final review should be up soon. Based on our preliminary experience, the Amazon Fire 7 2019 is an excellent device that is great for watching some TV shows or reading a Kindle book that you haven’t opened since the day it was purchased. Moreover, if you want a tablet for your kids, this inexpensive slate should be perfect.

As is the case with other budget tablets, you must be aware that the Fire 7 isn’t meant for use as a gaming device or for productivity, owing to its limited 1GB RAM. Its 7-inch display isn’t HD and has a resolution of 1024 x 600. There are two 2MP cameras, each on its front and back.

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Lenovo Tab E7

Lenovo Tab E7 tested

Lenovo’s entry-level Tab E7 is probably the cheapest tablet you can get at just around 60 USD. Unlike most Chinese tablets, this budget slate comes with vanilla Android 8.1 Oreo Go experience that will be preferred by many. It is a cheap tablet that is just fine for being handed to kids without the fear of it breaking easily. Plus, your casual web browsing and catching up with YouTube videos would be an easy task for the tablet.

However, you must know its limitations beforehand to ensure you aren’t left disappointed after you’ve already made the purchase. The display of this tablet isn’t the best in business, and it isn’t even an IPS panel. The Tab E7 has one of the smallest batteries in any tablet and its battery life was in line with that. Its cameras aren’t something you should count on for capturing your memories.

But, at the end of the day, it comes down to its price and the value it offers for every single penny you’d spend on it. In our review of the device, its performance proved to be quite good and it should fulfill your reasonable needs.

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Some More Options

As you must have noticed, there aren’t that many tablets having a 7-inch display panel slapped onto their front. You will either find such devices in the budget segment or right at the premium price point, leaving almost nothing in the middle. Both the Lenovo Tab E7 and the Amazon Fire 7 2019 are positioned in the cheapest category while the iPad Mini 2019 is a costly offering.

For something in between, you can have a look at our list of best 8-inch tablets that are available in a wider variety for you to choose from. The Apple iPad Mini 2019 stays on top of that list as well while you have a plethora of options with Android OS like Huawei MediaPad M5 8 (review) and the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 with S Pen (review). On the budget side, too, you can pick the Amazon Fire HD 8 2018 (review) that improves upon several aspects.

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