Delta Universal 6 Drawer Dresser

The Best 6 Drawer Dressers to Keep Your Bedroom Clean and Organized

Buying furniture can be stressful. If you live alone, a budget can be a big issue, as can limited space if you have a small apartment or home. If you share your living space, budget, space, and considering the taste of the other person are all things that can put a strain on your relationship. When it comes to furniture for the bedroom, things can get personal.

In a survey done by 2,000 couples for furniture site, 42% of Americans said they always furnish the bedroom first. That means a mattress, nightstands, lamps, curtains, and dressers. The same survey also found that 15% of couples avoid going to furniture stores with their partner because these trips often ended in fights over differing tastes. Taking these numbers into consideration, we decided that now would be an excellent time to save you (and possibly your partner) some stress.

We rounded up our three favorite dressers. They each have six drawers. Their designs blend well with any room. All the drawers are the same size, meaning no fighting over who must deal with the small drawer that can barely fit a pair of socks. And they’re all available online, which means no unpleasant trips to a furniture store.

As for those who are buying a dresser for their bedroom on their own, we’ve got your back too. All three dressers are affordable and easy to assemble. Furniture shopping, consider yourself hacked.


1. Delta Universal 6 Drawer Dresser

Designed with six spacious drawers that are the same size, we love the Delta Universal 6 Drawer Dresser for couples who are sharing a dresser and don’t want to get stuck with the small drawers. The strong and sturdy wooden dresser is available in six color options including Espresso, seen here, and is made with a smooth metal glide system that includes safety stops to prevent drawers from pulling out too far during daily use.

Pros: The Delta has been tested for lead and toxic elements and meets or exceeds ASTM safety requirements, making this an excellent option for homes with children or the elderly.

Cons: Because of its wood construction, the Delta weights 109 pounds and is difficult for one person to move on their own.

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2. Black Sonoma 6 Drawer Dresser

Media lovers will be interested in the Black Sonoma 6 Drawer Dresser, which measures 60” wide by 16” deep, giving users the perfect base for holding their television. The sturdy and lightweight dresser is made with laminate composite wood and has two brushed nickel knobs per drawer for a finish that is both traditional and modern. We like that the Sonoma is easy to clean using only a damp cloth, making it great for homes with kids and pets.

Pros: The Sonoma has nylon drawer slides with safety stops for smooth opening and closing.

Cons: The Sonoma is the widest dresser on our list and only works for larger bedrooms.

Black Sonoma 6 Drawer DresserImage courtesy of Amazon


3. White Monterey Tall 6 Drawer Chest

Get tons of storage anywhere with the White Monterey Tall 6 Drawer Chest, which stacks drawers vertically to give customers the ability to store their belongings even when floor space is limited. Also available in Cherry and Black, the Monterey has metal glides with safety stops on all six drawers, which are evenly sized. The lightweight dresser is made with high quality laminated composite woods and durable solid pine wood drawer sides.

Pros: The Monterey comes with a tipping restraint for safety. Like the Delta, the Monterey also has several matching furniture pieces available.

Cons: The Monterey comes with straightforward directions, but assembly is time consuming.

White Monterey Tall 6 Drawer ChestImage courtesy of Amazon

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