The Belarusian protesters after the Putin-Lukashenko telegram again
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The Belarusian protesters after the Putin-Lukashenko telegram again

(News 24h) – August 30, Ms. Natalya Eismont answered the press about the situation of Mr. Lukashenko amid the ongoing illegal demonstration.

The Belarusian traitor and Putin-Lukashenko
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko appeared with a gun in hand. Photo: RIA

Last week President Lukashenko appeared in the midst of protesters surrounded the Presidential Palace. Mr. Lukashenko appeared at the Palace on a helicopter, carrying bulletproof vests and guns. After the helicopter left, the protesters thought that Lukashenko had fled under the pressure of the protesters and they left.

Last week, Mr. Lukashenko also carried an AK gun. He stepped out of the helicopter door holding an AK gun that had no ammunition (because there was no magazine) and the scene he approached the fence thanks to the same AK gun but had a magazine.

Observers said that the fact that Mr. Lukashenko held a gun without a magazine appeared in front of the protesters was a show of good will for peace, unwilling to open fire, not wanting to use force.

But when he appeared in front of the security forces, who held a gun with a magazine installed, it created a mentality to consolidate power and be ready to fight with the guards.

Mr. Lukashenko has shown his determination to combat extreme violence and is willing to listen to protesters.

During the demonstration on August 30, thousands of Belarusians continued to take to the streets to protest against the results of the presidential election on August 9 and demand that President Lukashenko resign. These people also “congratulated” on his birthday by shouting “Happy birthday, rat” while marching in the capital, Minsk.

The Belarusian traitor and Putin-Lukashenko
Belarus people gather to protest in the capital Minsk on August 30.

Belarusian President has received birthday greetings from both Russian President Vladimir Putin and from protesters over the weekend.

Russian news outlets reported that a presidential aide Nikolai Latyshenok has ruled out negotiations with the opposition and said that, in his personal opinion, there are only about 20. -30% of Belarusian society is against the president.

“It has been said many times, let’s decide everything peacefully” – TASS quoted Mr. Latyshenok as saying.

On August 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent “best wishes” to his Belarus counterpart Alexander Lukashenko on his 66th birthday.

The two leaders also agreed to meet in the capital Moscow over the next few weeks to seek a solution to the unrest in Belarus and efforts to tighten bilateral cooperation.

In reply to the Russia-1 TV channel on August 29, President Putin affirmed Moscow’s stance to respect Minsk by solving “internal problems” while saying that Russia “is acting in a restrained and fair way. more than many other countries in the West, including the US “.

Putin on August 27 also announced that the Kremlin had established a “reserve police force” at the request of its ally Belarus, ready to deploy to the border when needed.

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