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The beauty makes the crazy male eyebrows of the ‘most beautiful woman’ in Europe

Svetlana Soluyanova was born in a small town called Dimitrovgrad in Russia. The girl born in 1995 did not have a full childhood when she was not able to live with her parents but had to move in with her aunt.

Ten years ago, she took a free boxing course after her brother’s introduction. And this is the sport’s talent Soluyanova was discovered.

Like many other boxers, the 25-year-old has a tough start in this extreme sport. But her efforts paid off with the All-Russia Boxing Championship for women in March 2018.

Not only possessing powerful boxing ability, Soluyanova is also famous for her beautiful face. Some newspapers in Russia have fondly called her “the most beautiful boxer in Europe”.

Some photos of Svetlana Soluyanova:



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