Man City can not forget the memory of being swept up by the neighbor in the 2017/18 season

The battle for pride and self-esteem

The confrontation between the two great rivals coming here will really be worth watching as they fight for the honor of the whole city. Accordingly, it is difficult for the script in the first leg to happen again.

The battle for honor

When Man Utd ended the first leg with only 1 point behind the first team, Man City, NHM rushed to find the schedule of the great battle of Manchester, they thought this was a decisive heroic message to the championship. . However, everything now only revolves around two words “honor”.

The way that Utd and City run is completely different, the army of blue shirts shows their destructive style and shows no sign of stopping, while the Red Devils are fading in confusion. The final consequence is the gap between the two teams before this Sunday night’s encounter has been extended by The Citizens to 14 points, an impossible number to level.

With the green half of Manchester, they can get 3 points easily with other teams, but Man Utd is very difficult because they are always a team with very high self-esteem. Travel back to the 2017/18 season, at that time Man City was 16 points ahead of the neighbor while the tournament had 6 rounds left. However, the Old Trafford team is still brave, going upstream and overcoming, so that regardless of circumstances, Ole Gunnar Solsa’s army is determined not to let the honor of the bench trample easily.

Man City can not forget the memory of being swept up by the neighbor in the 2017/18 season

Derby Manchester never stopped thinking about it. Entering the big war, Man City had only 3 more matches left for them to achieve a series of 24 consecutive wins, thereby usurping Bayern Munich. For the Red Devils, the biggest fulcrum they have is their spirit. Because the red color is having many problems in the dressing room and the disadvantage comes from the strength of the attack.

Not too difficult to judge the situation, Man City still plays with forte football and the hope of Man Utd will be expected in counterattacks or dead ball, the rest, Ole has to arrange a squad. Tightly to discourage the drills that the home team owns. Rank is the only thing of concern and will the Red Devils slow City’s coronation day?

Screen confrontation between two leaders

Accordingly, in addition to the nature of a top derby, the NHM is also interested in the battle between the two talented midfielders that Utd and City own, the two best people in the land of fog at the time. Present – Bruno Fernandes and Kevin De Bruyne.

Joining Man Utd for £ 55 million, but what Bruno has done in recent years deserves a greater value. The number 18’s contribution is not only a goal or an assist, he is also an outstanding individual in many other ways. We can imagine the Portuguese midfielder’s excellence since he wore the Red Devils shirt, the ball always has to go through his feet to make a difference.

The battle between the two leaders will bring attraction (Image: Goal)
The battle between the two leaders will bring attraction (Image: Goal)

However, do not forget that the other side of the line is an equally excellent Kevin De Bruyne, the quintessence that Pep Guardiola has forged. It is quite difficult to describe the playing style of the Belgian midfielder, he is the type of player with the strongest point coming from attacking passes. The position is not a classic 10 nor a true number 8, but also both quests, who controls the game and creates moments of genius.

Completely admitted that neither the Red Devils nor the army of blue shirts will leave these 2 stars on the bench. Man Utd is living with Bruno’s breath, while The Citizens cannot lack the catalyst to create a goal. All in all, the coming war will be really regrettable if anyone does not watch for 90 minutes at Etihad.



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