“The Batman” introduces The Riddler as the main villain

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In the first teaser trailer of ‘The Batman’ revealed at DC FanDome, Robert Pattinson’s villain confronting Bruce Wayne is revealed.

Trailer of ‘The Batman’ introduces key characters

At DC FanDome, as promised to fans, the first trailer for ‘The Batman’ was revealed. Although Batman’s solo film will initially follow the main timeline of the DC Extended Universe with Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne, the solo film has changed in a whole new direction in the direction of director Matt Reeves.

The Riddler

He cast Robert Pattinson as Batman with the intention of introducing a host of classic Gotham City characters into his DC world. Joining Pattinson in the film include Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Colin Farrell as Penguin, Paul Dano as Riddler, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth and Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Jim Gordon.

‘The Batman’ introduces Batman’s new ‘toy’

The first images of Pattinson’s Batsuit were also revealed in a video earlier this year before ‘The Batman’ began filming. Behind-the-scenes images of UK shooting locations also add a few more views to the armor.

Reeves also revealed images of Batmobile during filming, alongside another Batcycle design in many pictures and videos of the movie ‘The Batman’. Fans got a glimpse of what to expect from the movie, though not much. Part of the reason was due to the fact that filming of ‘The Batman’ had to be shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, otherwise, Catwoman’s costume would be revealed at this time.


But with production slated to continue next month and a scheduled release in 2021, DC FanDome is the perfect time for Reeves to reveal more to the upcoming superhero movies.

Despite the trailer release, ‘The Batman’ is only 30% complete.

During the film’s discussion at DC FanDome, Reeves released the first trailer for the film. Not only that, he revealed that the crew only finished 25-30% of ‘The Batman’ so this is just a small part of the final movie – and of the trailers to come.

One of the most notable things in the ‘The Batman’ trailer is the rendering and endorsement of the character Riddler will be the main antagonist of the movie. It looks like Riddler will kill the mayor of Gotham, Don Mitchell Jr. – and he seems to have ruined his funeral, too. As for how the remaining villain Penguin will fit into the general storyline, we’ll probably have to wait for the content of the upcoming movie or trailer.


Also, in this trailer we also see a bit of Catwoman’s outfit – it looks like it will be the suit she used to secretly break into multiple locations. As Reeves said, ‘The Batman’ will be the first movie introduction to Catwoman, so maybe her costume will change over time.

What is Bruce Wayne’s role in the new movie?

Of course, the most important detail in the trailer ‘The Batman’ is the revelation of Bruce Wayne’s role and image here. It seems that Batman here will be some sort of outlaw hero; Although he will also assist Gordon in the investigation, it seems that Batman and the police team is not a friendly relationship. Besides, Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne is also quite violent when confronted with a thug and has beaten him a good fight. And with the saying “I am a hatred” it looks like this Batman will go in a darker direction.

the batman cover the film

However, this is just a little bit of a taste we get for what Reeves is able to deliver with this DC movie. So, after so many details in the trailer ‘The Batman’, we still have a lot to look forward to as the film continues to be filmed.

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