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"The base of thousands of dollars" of Mac Pro in terms of marketing: Apple has just missed a PR opportunity?

As a reminder, Apple recently introduced a new Mac Pro, priced at $ 5,999 with Pro Display XDR, a 6K resolution of $ 4,999. But what makes many people talk, more frankly, is to disparage Apple, which is the Pro Stand base for thousands of dollars. With the price to buy this stand, you can buy a lot of other screens on the market, complete color-aligned panels are possible to do graphic design or video processing, or more simply. … buy an iPhone XS or buy a MacBook with the lowest configuration.

Apple 's stand is not made of carbon fiber, nor is there any precious metal inside, and there are not any more outstanding features than the current screen stand technology. It was only created to perform a single task: Fix and move your Pro Display XDR screen.

Netizens are very quick. They started to scold Apple for a thousand dollar base. Engadget's Devindra Hardawar has a rather wrathful article entitled "The 999 USD screen base depicts everything Apple made today." I ask for permission not to translate, because it seems to raise the opinion slightly. Naturally 999 USD is a huge number for a screen stand. It seems that Apple is missing out on marketing opportunities after the recent WWDC event.

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First of all, the general thinking of technology users must be mentioned. The screen stand is the best thing most users think it MUST be with the monitor when purchased. 99.99% of the screen products are the same, with the stand included. Not surprisingly, the online community was disappointed with Apple's business strategy. They sold their own stand, so they sold it at a price that made everyone out of their hearts.

You might think, Apple is still the same. They sell retail accessories like adapters from Lightning to 3.5mm to iPhone 7 onwards, instead of packing the iPhone when sold. Similarly, the fast charging department for the iPhone too. But the sale of iPhone accessories has absolutely nothing to do with their new Mac Pro display stand.

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Vlogger Marques "MKBHD" Brownlee said in a video of him that: “The truth is that many professional video makers have their own hydraulic base or stand to mount the monitor. When they upgraded the curtain, they only removed the curtain and retained the stand, so there was no need for new feet. ” It is true that so. Many people using monitor arm fit their workspace. The bases are too big or the design is too bizarre always makes the work space affected. So video editors are also daring to invest in their own stand and arm monitor.

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So, how expensive is a monitor monitor? Walking around Google, the screen rack can rotate, varying in height like mushrooms grow after rain, prices range from a few hundred thousand dong on Tiki to several hundred dollars like 3M Easy Adjust Desk Mount (about $ 300). Each type of stand has different sizes and loads. Expensive brackets can hold multiple displays at the same time, with heavier weights, up to 24kg at most like the Wishbone Plus of Ergonomics Now.

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Like our previous post, the Mac Pro is not for everyone, similarly the Pro Display XDR screen is not for everyone, but for a few people who do professional tasks. And great majority of them have their own setup for their desks, not everyone needs what is a thousand dollar base.

And in the middle of the online community going crazy for the thousand dollar base, few people pay attention to who this product is for and how they use it. All just swirled at the price.

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In his video, MKBHD continues: “Me and you, and most viewers of WWDC think the screen must have a stand. So Apple should have claimed the screen costs 6 thousand dollars, but if you don't buy a stand, it will only cost 5,000. "

That is the PR opportunity that Apple just missed. Instead of reducing the price of the Pro Display XDR display without a stand, Apple is proud of its product to the extent that it unveils the price of the product with only one use to keep the screen fixed. They know the professional people have their own stand, but for some reason, Apple does not turn into that detail to please the professional user community?

Again, Apple's screen is extremely competitive, if not literally. Walking around B&H Photo & Video, the reference screens for professional video makers cost a few tens of thousands of dollars. Canon DP-V2410 24 "DCI 4K (4096×2160) costs 18 thousand dollars. Sony BVM-HX310 31 "4K is priced at $ 43,000. It was Apple who mentioned this niche market and created Pro Display XDR for that niche market for only a quarter of the other products.

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Apple is a global brand, with products for everyone. So when they announced products for the niche market, the majority of Apple fans watched were frightened at the price Apple offered for the Mac Pro, and for the pro Display XDR screen. But they forgot one thing, this product is not for them, and also forgot to compare the price of Apple products compared to other professional products in the market to see how competitive they are.

This negligence (not entirely Apple), plus the "big footprint", accidentally pushed Apple into a media storm that shouldn't have been.


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