The bald Boss

The bald Boss is one of the humorous pieces of Trung Fly, a well-known comedy tree.

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With music products The bald Boss Made on the music of Chinese songs about the homeland and other impressive songs. Along with the comical acting of the co-stars, Middle flies was a real success for this manufactured music product. You guys watch it together.

bee trum hoi

Music film Bald tycoon

Video The bald tycoon

The lyrics to the bald boss

He carries this name from time immemorial
But now there is an imposter daring to take his name
Go find it for me, kill that guy right away quickly
Yes, that guy heard that he was a good family
Hey, is this that kid?
Quickly go inside and grab fish right away for him
You dare to dare to dare to be big
Your name is irrelevant
You never know my brother in the village
I named Dat bald because I was bald in the past
I don’t listen, I’m not involved, follow me back
My brother is bald, and your name is unknown
I am not related, I have not heard the name but why do I joke around
Since the old days of baldness, now asking him to untie, why don’t you listen to me, my brother won’t forgive you
How could I arrest I was arrested, I couldn’t go anywhere, I could not follow him
With these kids, you go get it for me
I go this side, you go over there to see stars
Where did you go from that guy, don’t expect to run away, listen to me, running right into the alley in the other street is dead end.
I see where you hide or hide now
My brothers looking for you, hiding around for longer
Now if you want your life, follow me, otherwise you will eat knives
Come on now, don’t go around

In addition to these attractive songs, you can also listen to other good songs such as Dream of Change, composed and performed by Do Duy Nam. The song is also somewhat humorous and makes the audience happy.
Or before that, there was the music produced by Dong Thien, composed and performed by holy musician Vanh leg. This song is very good and humorous because of the performances and contributions of many famous singers. There are many music, comedy and meaningful products that are fully updated on ElectrodealPro, please refer.


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