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The bad side of AirDrop and things to keep in mind while in public

If you try to imagine when you're sitting coffee (if you are female), suddenly your iPhone receives a photo or file from strangers with sensitive content, then the feeling will be bad. Why? Even if you do not agree to receive images and files via AirDrop from strangers, you are partially psychologically threatened, even worse.

AirDrop: Very convenient but also very dangerous

AirDrop sharing mechanism on Apple devices is great, it helps you transfer files from iPhone – iPad – Mac easily and quickly. If you have friends you also use in the Apple ecosystem, then sharing with each other is very convenient.

But everything has its downside, usually we always leave AirDrop in "everyone" mode (Everyone), when you put it in this mode, you can share and receive files from anyone. around a certain radius of about 9 meters, if that person also consumes Apple goods. Now if a stranger (not in your contacts) sends you a sensitive photo – of course your device will tell someone to send it because it's in "everyone" mode. In addition, your iPhone / iPad / Mac screen will show a preview of that photo, even if you click Decline, your eyes will already see that dirty image.

"Harassing" in public through technology

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Talking a little about public harassment, since the camera on the phone, Japan has happened a lot of cases of sneaking photos under girls skirts at stations, subways, buses, … Since then, in 2000, all electronics in Japan must have sound emitted. But it seems that this is just a small way to minimize, when people want to harass then there will always be ways.

AirDrop will also be a "tool" for a ruthless tyrant, you never know when that person will send bad content when your iPhone receives it. Not only you but also many others will also receive that bad content. But then did anyone know who he was? where is he standing Which iPhone to use?

AirDrop will cause serious misunderstanding if clicked wrong

There was a case where a flight from Oakland to Maui had to be canceled because 15 passengers simultaneously received a photo of the dead, sent via the AirDrop protocol on their iPhones. After researching, a girl admitted that she sent the picture to her mother on the flight but sent it wrongly to 15 others. This is not a picture of the dead, but just a mannequin in his biology class.

The consequences of inadvertently have greatly affected people around. And imagine if you want to send a personal picture to your loved one, but click wrongly for another person while in a crowded place … what the outcome is, you get it!
Please return AirDrop to contacts mode

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Go to Settings (General) – General Settings (General) – AirDrop – Contacts Only.

Or 3D / Haptic Touch on the AirDrop icon in the Control Center – select Contacts Only.

If necessary, you can also turn it off, because in many cases if you come across a person who is not in the contacts list but needs to share files with them, force you to open in everyone mode (Everyone). And when you share a lot, you'll forget to change from everyone to contacts mode. So this is also a point to note carefully.

Should go to iOS 13

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iOS 13 changes to the AirDrop structure, when you receive an image from someone's AirDrop, the photo will not be previewed but will only display a message (as above). For older iOS, it will show a preview, even if you don't want to receive it, but you've already seen it.

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In addition, iOS 13 clearly separates each username, to avoid the situation where you touch the wrong sender to strangers like before.

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