The assassination of Suleimani from the perspective of a Russian expert

The assassination of Suleimani from the perspective of a Russian expert

(International relationship)
                        Please quote the article of journalist Alexander Timokhin in the Military Commentary (Russia) newspaper for readers’ reference.

Suleimani sat the view of the Russian expert
Kassem Suleimani

On January 2, 2020, Kassem Suleimani was murdered in Baghdad. This fact must be investigated and drawn to the right conclusion, and even more urgent because it has the most direct relationship with our future (Russia).

The domestic public so far knows only killed as a general of Iran. Officially it was an Iranian general, but as of 2009, he was able to dismiss the Iranian president, of course, not by himself.

Formally, he commands a portion of Iran’s special forces. But in fact, he controlled a huge transnational financial empire, enough to fund the entire Iranian war machine in the Middle East without receiving any money from the state budget.

And a huge network of non-national armies, such as Hezbollah. Even Christians are fighting for him, and he can lure both dangerous Iranian enemies and all Shiites around the world – the Al-Qaeda.

It is true that in the official position, Kassem Suleimani is not equal to many in Iran. But in fact, he had ordered foreign presidents to order his subordinates – and they implicitly implemented them.

In Iran, only Ayatollah Khamenei can depose him, if desired. But he did not want to, because Suleymani was a national hero that will be remembered for many years to come

He was the ruler of Iraq and directed the war in Syria at the same time, being personally acquainted with Bashar al-Assad and with Vladimir Putin. A friend of Hassan Nasrallah.

In Iran, he is said to have the idea of ​​calling Russia to Syria. This is obviously not true, but with Suleymani’s personality, there is absolutely basis for such rumors.

Suleymani will win the presidential election in Iran if he wants. But there was a time when he gave up his political career with the saying: “I want to be just a soldier of the revolution”.

He sought peace with the United States and led Iran to succeed in achieving peace, and later became the destroyer of the largest number of American soldiers, after Vietnam. And he did it not only by his own will.

He broke the American plans in Iraq and fought for the rebirth of the Persian Empire and nearly won.

He was assassinated by a weapon specifically designed for secret killings. This is a useless weapon in the war, but it is very effective for secret killings of people who cannot defend themselves. This is a symbolic weapon for the United States.

And in his death can draw many lessons.

The commander in the dark

After fighting Iraq as a subordinate, Suleymani stands out in his courage and military capabilities to an extraordinary career promotion. After joining the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps at the age of 22, at the age of 30, he commanded a division.

Then, in the 80s, he was one of the first officers in Iran to speak out against “wasteful” methods of war against the Iranians. This may have influenced his later style of operation.

Iran continues to fall into sanctions, so there’s no money to spend on big wars. The most logical and most important way, consistent with the local cultural model is to create forces capable of waging an extraordinary war, exhausting and hurting the enemy.

The ideal basis for such forces was a unit that the press still mistakenly referred to as “Al-Quds” in Arabic. In fact, in Farsi, it is called “Cods”, meaning the same as “Jerusalem”.

Right from the start of the war with Iraq, the “Cods” have been waging an unusual war in Kurdistan, Iraq and since 1982 began destructive operations against Israel in Lebanon. Hezbollah was later established, curbing the anti-Israel and anti-Christian situation in Lebanon after events in 1982.

After the war with Iraq, “Cods” need to move to a new level, so a new commander is needed.

In 1998, Suleimani became that commander. He not only fought in the Iran-Iraq war and in operations against Kurdish rebels in Iran, but also in the context of a large-scale and bloody drug war on the Afghan border.

After being promoted, Suleimani gradually expanded anti-Saddam activities in Iraq, as well as subversive actions against the Taliban movement in Afghanistan. He also significantly strengthened the relationship of “Cods” with the Hezbollah movement, increasing Iran’s support for this movement, including human assistance.

But his rapid rise in career made him one of the unwritten rulers of the Shiite world thanks to the United States. Because it was his struggle with America that made him that person.

After 9/11/2001, Russia provided various assistance to the United States in its operations in Afghanistan. But few people know that Iran provides similar support.

It was Suleimani, who was then called Haji Kassem by the Americans, responsible for interacting with the United States. It is Iran who provides the United States with the most detailed information on the location of Taliban bases and units in Afghanistan.

Suleimani even carried out the arrests of Al-Qaeda members in Iran and handed them over to Afghanistan. The American staff who worked with the Iranians later recalled, it was a very beneficial cooperation for the US.

Things changed dramatically in January 2002, when US President George W. Bush declared Iran part of the evil axis in his annual message to Congress.

This shocked the Iranians, who viewed the United States as an ally in the fight against the Taliban. For Suleimani himself, this is also a problem because in a sense he put his faith in Americans. But now they do such magic tricks.

In 2003, US troops crushed Iraq. Iran did not object to the fall of the enemy, while the invasion claimed nearly half a million Iraqi lives. Moreover, after the US occupied Iraq, Iran under Suleymani’s leadership contacted their former partners.

Now fear has also been felt in their behavior. They also seemed to have made it clear that their country would be next, and by the time the US invaded Iraq, it was planned.

Few people know that the first occupation government in Iraq was created by Americans, with the participation of Kassem Suleimani. He participates in selecting candidates and connecting them with Americans.

2004 was the year that Iranians reassessed the situation. Now things have been taken a different direction: the United States is bogged down in two wars.

After finding it impossible to cooperate with Americans, another strategy became more logical – having to get the US stuck in a guerrilla war. And so the “Cods” were immediately set to work.

Suleymani men have massively trained various independent Shiite groups and have begun to attack Americans and Iranian defenders in the Iraqi government that are undermining US efforts to restore order. Within a year, the Iranians sparked a strong wave of resistance.

They also sought to counter rebels. For example, Americans have widely used armored vehicles protected from explosions and small arms, resistant to mines and ambushes.

These vehicles were efficient and became a problem for Iraqis. But the Iranians were quick to create mobile and supply mines for Iraq. These mines easily attacked the giant American armored vehicles and claimed the lives of hundreds of American soldiers. And this is also the work of Suleimani.

The operation of Suleimani in Iraq has a professional effect. The Americans tried to arrest him but to no avail.

In addition to the battle to undermine the United States, Suleimani also did things to prevent a government emerging in Iraq strong enough to threaten Iran, and that also succeeded.

In 2011, the United States officially ended its occupation of Iraq, minimizing its presence in this country. There is no story of the invasion of Iran, and it was Iraq who formed a militia that could easily defeat the mainstream Iraqi army, while the Iraqi government was directly directed from Tehran, and Sulejmani himself who directs this.

In parallel with the conduct of the war, Suleimani created an economic base for its activities. He put banks and oil supplies in Iraq under his control, and gave his military empire the ability to fund itself.

The outbreak of the terrorist war in the region makes Suleimani an even bigger role. In Syria, Lebanon’s “Hezbollah”, the brainchild of “Cods”, trained by Suleimani, became the most capable combat units. At a given time, Suleimani was in control of all the wars in Iraq and Syria at the same time.

When Russia appeared in Syria, Americans in Iraq began to suppress the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, and Suleymani once again succeeded. Everyone knows about the role of the Russian Air Force, but few know that by 2016, nearly all the ground war will be “eliminated” by Iran – the Syrian army loses combat effectiveness almost. completely.

Overall, in the success of the fight against terrorism in Syria, the role of Suleymani’s followers is equivalent to that of Russia. Russia was able to create its own ground force in this country that is not controlled by Iran, but when Russia began meddling in the conflict, things were different.

And if in our community consciousness (Russian-ND), the symbol of the Syrian mutation is a bomber with red stars painted on it, then in Iran this is a portrait of Kassem Suleimani. , as the commander

Kassem Suleimani was assassinated in the context that he himself and his organization for a long time did not conduct any military activities against the United States and the United States for a long time did not conduct any military activity against Iranian forces.

In fact, he did not escape, but properly flew to Baghdad airport by plane, then properly boarded the car to go into the city.

The Americans themselves set up another reason for the assassination of Suleimani. It is important to understand that these are lies.

Kassem Suleimani was killed by a rocket, unofficially called by the Americans “Ninja” – the Hellfire 9X rocket. The characteristic of this missile is that instead of the explosive warhead, it uses 6 sharp blades long enough to shoot into a small car, it will cut into pieces everyone in the cabin.

This weapon, made specifically for murders, is no longer effective in a battle with the enemy. Such rockets cannot penetrate armored vehicles. They are specifically designed to puncture small cars and kill riders only.

Suleimani sat the view of the Russian expert
AGM-114 Hellfire 9X

Why is President Trump doing this?

On Sunday, January 5, the Iraqi parliament must decide whether to leave US troops in the country after the incident. Trump promised to withdraw troops from both Iraq and Syria. At the same time, he needs any support in the ongoing impeachment process, and the pressure on Mr. Trump is truly terrifying.

Mr. Trump tried to get out of Syria, but the process was broken. And he could not overcome the opposition of the new conservatives.

But what if the military’s continued presence in Syria becomes technically impossible? There is no other choice. And Mr. Trump must fulfill his promise to leave Iraq and Syria.

But how to do it? In such a situation, it is imperative to do something so that the Iraqis themselves have to push the US military out of their country. And that means the United States will also have to leave Syria, because it can only supply troops there through Iraq.

If so, President Trump could fall into a “fragile” situation. Should kill an old enemy and take his life to solve political problems in the country. Why not?

Perhaps the reason for the Suleymani murder is precisely this. Because this is a respectable figure and the Iranian could not close his eyes before his death. It is possible that expelling US troops from Iraq as a reaction of Muslims – this is what the US president really wants.

According to regional media, there has been leaked information that Pompeo suggested that the Iranians only respond adequately and very calmly on this issue, that the United States is “disrupting” the response of Iran in the future and completely unconcerned about the war. So what did they achieve?

Lessons and challenges for Russia.

The way the United States treats Iran and its general is an example that confirms the rules of life on this planet have been repeated many times: cannot live peacefully with the United States. In principle there is no way.

No mercy, no support, no support forced the Americans to abandon their plans to exterminate the countries they had “sentenced” to. There is no agreement with them, no mutual understanding. This is impossible.

Suleimani tried, his country tried. And the result is like that. The Soviet Union also tried, but to no avail. Saddam Hussein was a welcome guest in the United States in the 80s – the Americans even provided him with chemical weapons. But his country was devastated, innocent children were killed, and so was himself.

Gaddafi has worked hard to normalize relations with the United States and everyone knows how his fate ended, and in present-day Libya, the slave market has replaced schools and hospitals.

Assad tried to establish relations with the United States, return terrorists to them, share information and start negotiations with Israel on the Golan. As a result, everyone is clear.

Russia supported the United States after the September 11 event. Today, the number of Russians killed in Ukraine reaches thousands, and they are killed with US support. There are countless examples like this.

This is the lesson we once again saw in the biography of Kassem Suleimani, as we have seen in other examples before.

It is difficult to draw conclusions for the future. If America’s motives really are what they pretend to be, then President Trump can escape the quagmire in the Middle East. And then he will be untied.

At present, the permanent idea of ​​Americans is to surround China. But behind China there is Russia. If Russia is eliminated, China’s position in the confrontation with the United States will be greatly weakened.

And that’s not as important as the line of thought: both Napoleon and Hitler think the same, but this doesn’t stop one person from repeating the other’s mistake. Americans think the same way.

Therefore, President Trump’s hand when untied can punch us in the ribs (Russia-ND) – and will be very strong. His desire to have a good relationship with Russia is just words, Americans cannot understand what lies behind those words beyond our desire to surrender.

However, the idea of ​​using the Russians as a sledgehammer against China and borrowing others’ hands to “solve the Chinese problem” also made many people think.

American arms need to be tied up by Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. The United States must be stuck there for as long as possible.

All of Russia’s efforts in the crisis caused by the American assassination of Suleimani are to do one simple thing – not to let the US leave the region quickly. They have to stay there, have to spend their resources and money there …

There is one more thing. Thanks to the efforts of people like Suleimani, Iran is actively consolidating, and here, if things are going to evolve as they are going, we will be faced with a new version of the Persian Empire.

Historical experience shows that this is not conducive to Russia. Iran has plans to expand in the post-Soviet space, and some of those programs will work with China. The combined resources of Iran and China are far greater than ours.

Participating in the game in such a mess can ultimately cost Americans Americans for their past cruelty.

Not that we create a structured world this way. Therefore, we can and need to protect ourselves from real and future threats, without any special regret about this.

This is what we need to reflect on regarding Kassem Suleimani’s death.

Nguyen Quang (Translate)


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