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The ASEAN Committee in Pretoria highly appreciated Vietnam’s contribution


The prestigious ASEAN Committee in Pretoria is Vietnam's top 1Vietnamese Ambassador Hoang Van Loi (right) handed over the role of the Chair of the ASEAN Committee in Pretoria (APC) 2021 to Indonesian Ambassador Salman Al Farisi (left). (Photo: Dinh Luong / VNA)

Despite the difficulties of the local situation, Vietnam Embassy in South Africa successfully completed the role of ASEAN Committee Chair in Pretoria (APC) in 2020, contributing to promoting the relationship between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations with South Africa in particular and Africa in general.

According to the Vietnam News Agency in Pretoria, speaking at the APC Presidency Reception Ceremony from the Vietnamese Ambassador to South Africa Hoang Van Loi took place on February 8, Indonesian Ambassador Salman Al Farisi highly appreciated the initiative and pole of the Vietnamese side as APC 2020 President.

According to representatives of Indonesia, Vietnamese Ambassador Hoang Van Loi assumed the role of APC 2020 President from Thailand in the context that the Vietnamese representative had just accepted the assignment at home, and had not yet submitted a letter of authorization (National Letter). President of South Africa and this southern African country witnessed the COVID-19 pandemic causing serious consequences to the political, economic and social life of the host country, greatly affecting the operations of the agencies. foreign representatives.

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In such difficult conditions, the Embassy of Vietnam has proactively introduced the form of activities to meet the role of APC’s President and the practical situation.

Ambassador Hoang Van Loi Regularly contact APC members, with the General Department of Asia and the Middle East, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (DIRCO) to exchange information, the situation about South Africa and Africa, exchange experiences in prevent COVID-19 and promote cooperation between the parties, especially taking advantage of the opportunities brought about by the implementation of the Agreement on the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).

The Vietnamese Embassy has acted as a bridge between DIRCO and the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, preparing the necessary procedures for South Africa to join the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia (TAC).

On 11/10/2020, under the presidency of Vietnam – Chairman of ASEAN 2020South Africa, together with Colombia and Cuba signed a document to join the TAC, a historic milestone that opens up opportunities for deeper political, economic, socio-cultural cooperation between ASEAN as a bloc and these partners.

The Vietnamese Embassy has worked closely with the members ASEAN Committee at Pretoria Successfully organized ASEAN Golf Day at the end of November 2020 with the attendance of DIRCO representatives to promote cultural and sports exchanges and linkages between APC and local authorities.

Ambassador Salman Al Farisi highly appreciated the results Vietnam achieved in 2020 on a “dual role” – ASEAN President and UN Security Council non-permanent member – contributing to strengthening the common voice of Europe. Asia and ASEAN in the international arena, promptly solve regional challenges, contribute to building a more peaceful, united and prosperous Southeast Asia.

The prestigious ASEAN Committee in Pretoria is Vietnam's top 2Vietnamese Ambassador Hoang Van Loi (right) and Indonesian Ambassador Salman Al Farisi (left) exchanged measures to strengthen activities of the ASEAN Commission in Pretoria (APC). (Photo: Dinh Luong / VNA)

Ambassador Hoang Van Loi said that in 2020, when South Africa simultaneously assumed the role of non-permanent commissioner of the United Nations Security Council and the President of the African Union (AU), Vietnam and South Africa worked together. closely on international and regional forums for the mutual benefit of the international community, of Africa and Asia.

Ambassadors Salman Al Farisi and Hoang Van Loi agreed to continue exchanging information, practical situations and experiences between the two sides for Indonesia to best fulfill the role of APC 2021 Chair.

Previously, on January 27, ASEAN ambassadors in South Africa had an online meeting to evaluate the performance of APC in 2020 as well as the expected programs and activities of the Commission in 2021.

In the days leading up to the Tan Suu Lunar New Year 2021, the Vietnamese Embassy in South Africa still actively implements the tasks of foreign affairs in 2021 and the Party’s Resolution of the XIII National Congress of the Party such as transfer the role of APC President, exchange the results of the XIII Congress with representatives of the Communist Party of South Africa (SACP) scheduled to take place online on February 9, preparing to hold a public meeting Vietnamese people in the local area at the beginning of the new year to ensure a happy, warm and safe spring atmosphere when the COVID-19 situation in South Africa is still complicated./.

Dinh Luong (VNA / Vietnam +)



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