When the development of environmental protection laws and regulations has reached a watershed, the motorcycle industry will naturally usher in a process of generational change. At this time, various motorcycles on the market will also undergo major changes. This time, let us try to speculate on the future of motorcycles with desire and delusion based on the knowledge and sixth sense of “Young Machine” for 48 years.

This article will predict what kind of car models might emerge based on HONDA’s lightweight and powerful inline four-cylinder NK street car CB1000R.

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Original reference: Shadow clone art! “CBR1000R/CB1000X” is expected to be launched?

CB1000R that provides more demand and more clones at an approachable price? !

HONDA’s NK street car CB1000R equipped with an in-line four-cylinder engine is not only light and full of horsepower, but also uses a highly versatile body. Therefore, the “Young Machine” editorial department believes that it will definitely be the most suitable for launching rich The basis for various versions of cars.

[Basic model: HONDA CB1000R]The spine-style frame and the horizontal intake engine have a high degree of freedom in design, so it is easy to change to other exterior packages. The riding performance is light and flexible, and the engine’s horsepower is also very abundant.

The first car model that the editorial department imagined is “CBR1000R”. I hope it will be the full fairing version of CB, so that it will have a relationship with the CB650R/CBR650R sold in the 2019 model.

Although there used to be a fast sports wagon CBR1000F in the 1980s and 1990s, just as the CBR650F was transformed into a CBR650R in the past, this car should be a versatile and capable of offensive riding style. If this car can really appear, it must become the biggest rival of Ninja 1000SX and win the love of car fans.

In addition, the sports utility vehicle “CB1000X” will also be a model worth looking forward to. This one will be the CB1000R plus long-travel shock absorber, and then equipped with a half-fairing style. Compared with the Africa Twin equipped with parallel twin-cylinder engines, it is a car that has enhanced highway cruising performance. Perhaps HONDA is likely to launch a concept car model based on the CB650R that was released in the fall of 2019?

In addition, since the current CB1000R has not passed the Euro 5 exhaust emission standards, HONDA should improve it to meet the standards through minor revisions. Therefore, we believe that HONDA should launch derivative car sales in the future. Since the prototype car is the same, its production cost can be controlled, and the price must also be lowered by then.

CBR1000R: “R” shaped full fairing × increased handle

The current HONDA has not introduced a wagon that uses raised handlebars and allows people to enjoy the brisk riding performance on a par with super sports cars, and the displacement is 1000c.c., “easy and fast”. So at this time, as long as the full fairing version of CB1000R is released, this problem can be solved at once.

With the hanging eye design inherited from the RR lineage, coupled with the direct riding performance transplanted from the CB1000R, this combination is absolutely foolproof. In addition, its weight should also be much lighter than the competitor Ninja 1000SX.

HONDA CBR1000R simulated by computer CG.

[CBR-R Family]The CBR-R series has a moderate style and a gentler personality than the CBR-RR series, but it is more aggressive than the F Concept, a universal sports car that has appeared before. The appearance is the same sharp design as CBR.


[Competitor: KAWASAKI Ninja 1000SX]The representative of the station wagon that is easy to operate and fast. The 2020 model is equipped with an electronic control throttle, and the riding mode is doubled to four. Coupled with the automatic cruise system, electronic fast-removal, full-color LCD screen, etc., the equipment is quite abundant.

[2020 KAWSAKI Ninja1000SX]■ Water-cooled four-stroke parallel four-cylinder 1,043cc, 141ps, 11.3kg-m, 236kg (equipment weight) ●Price in Japan: 1.485,000 yen.

CB1000X: A sports utility vehicle with enhanced road riding performance

Based on the CB1000R, a future-style fairing that combines the upper fairing with the fuel tank and a long shock absorber are added to the sports utility vehicle. Thanks to the increased handlebars, the rider can easily control The powerful engine from the first-generation CBR1000RR performs high-speed cruising.

Compared with the concept car CB4X announced in the fall of 2019, which is based on the CB650R, the editorial department speculates that it will be changed to 1000 for a reason. After all, HONDA has in the past released the concept car “CB4” equipped with the CBR650 engine. In 2018, it was changed to CB1000R and the precedent existed in the market.

HONDA CB1000X simulated by computer CG.

European HONDA R&D announced at the Milan International Auto Show in November 2019. This car is based on the CB650R and adopts a bold and simple shape. The windshield is adjustable, with a special seat cushion and rear armrest, and the rear of the car looks very stylish.

The headlights and the upright daytime running lights are all set inside the upper fairing, and the design concept that emphasizes the plane is very novel.

HONDA filed a design patent in Japan in October 2019, and the European region filed an application in April 2020. Although the design drawing is exactly the same as the concept car, it is actually impossible to confirm whether this car will actually be sold.

[Competitor: BMW S1000XR]The S1000RR, a super sports car with an in-line four-cylinder engine, will be a derivative of the SUV style. Based on the latest RR, which was fully revised in 2019, it was fully revised again in the 2020 style as early as possible.

【BMW S1000XR】■Water-cooled four-stroke parallel four-cylinder 999c.c., 165ps, 11.6kg-m, 226kg (equipment weight) ●Price including tax: 1,981,000 yen.

The future vision of the motorcycle industry based on “Young Machine”‘s long-term knowledge and sixth sense. Next time we will predict the various possibilities of parallel twin-cylinder engines equipped with HONDA CRF1100L Africa Twin.

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