The application war car call

In the near future, there may be a new more attractive “war” for consumers to have more options to call a car, not depending on Grab.

Not only in the country, but also many applications to call technology vehicles from abroad also began to “poke” their foot in the Vietnamese market.

Fierce competition

Many Grab drivers say they have been squeezed too much, but they have to endure waiting for a new opportunity, when there are many ride-hailing apps. They believe that they are treated unfairly like discounted discounts, even lock the driver’s account without exchanging.


Information from Go-ixe shows that up to now, they have nearly 10,000 vehicles, including cars and motorcycles, present in many places such as Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, An Giang, Bac Lieu, Bac Giang, Thanh Hoa, Lang Son … This ride-hailing app collects the driver’s commission 5% lower than Grab, the fare is also 5% -10% lower.

In addition, Go-ixe also has many driver welfare policies to create a long-term connection. This application also has the strength of sharing with the transport operators to join the operation but still keep their brand. The rates are also flexibly calculated according to each transport unit, each locality.

Many domestic enterprises have exploited the application of ride-hailing Photo: Hoang Trieu.

Another technology car calling application, ABER, founded by a group of Vietnamese based on technology from Germany, is expected to be deployed in this June. In the first phase, ABER focused on transporting passengers by car, then motorbikes. ABER’s ambition is not only to transport passengers but also to transport goods, rental cars, long-distance passenger cars, and even tour guide services.

Ms. Hoang Bien, Chief Representative of MVL (Singapore) ride-hailing application in Vietnam, said the application will be tested in Singapore in July. By October or November this year, it will be deployed in Vietnam. The MVL application aims to ensure both the driver’s income and the customer’s travel costs at a competitive level without compromising the quality of the service.


Accordingly, customers paying in cash will not be charged additional fee, paying by card will be charged 3% -4% of the fee. Another strength is that drivers will not be deducted commissions on all trips, MVL only charges a negligible transaction fee to maintain the application platform. The chief representative added that in order to have revenue, MVL exploited advertising on this application.

Having technology is not enough

These applications must be regularly upgraded, otherwise they will become outdated, and continuous failure leading to the loss of customers is unavoidable.

After a period of “hot” development, service units of technology vehicles Vato, Xeno, and T.Net are all halted. Many drivers participating in these units have quietly withdrawn or rarely put the car into operation due to low efficiency. They said many domestic applications could not match Grab, often encountered problems and less attractive to customers.

Mr. Nguyen Van Sang, founder of T.Net and his associates, acknowledged that the reason for the slow development of the domestic technology vehicle application is due to mutual competition. Many drivers are wondering because they have not seen any outstanding applications. Meanwhile, many foreign businesses operating in technology taxis are also entering the Vietnamese market with the criteria of operating very beneficial to drivers.

The representative of Vato confirmed that he has not promoted the promotion of the ride-hailing application because it is in the process of completing the procedures. Expected, by the end of this June, when having a license, Vato will officially announce to participate in this “race”.

The representative of Mai Linh car company admitted that it has just deployed the application for motorbike taxi, and taxi can not develop due to waiting for clear regulation on this type.


According to Mr. Hang Ba Tri, founder of Go-ixe technology ride hailing application, domestic applications cannot match with foreign competitors because their systems have not been cared for, upgraded as well as continuously updated. new technology. Some businesses think it is enough to buy an application to operate. That is a mistake. These applications must be regularly upgraded, otherwise they will become outdated, and continuous failure leading to the loss of customers is unavoidable.

Nguyen Hai
* Source: Workers


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