The stumbling detection feature of Apple Watch has saved an old lady of 87 years after a car accident - Photo 1.

The Apple Watch tripping feature has saved an 87-year-old woman after a car accident

The Apple Watch Series 4 stumble detection feature has recently been credited with the "achievement" of saving an 87-year-old woman's life after a car accident.

Accordingly, Mrs. Dotty White was on her way home from the grocery store when she was hit by a car. Luckily, wearable wearable devices with the Apple brand on hand were present in time.

After the collision, Mr. White said he could not get his iPhone to call for help. However, her Apple Watch quickly identified the collision as a fall and immediately called her family.

"The phone called my son in Florida, called his daughter in Massachusetts and another daughter in Maine. So they know something has happened and they know where the accident happened "- Mrs. White said.

According to a newsletter: "The son, James White, said he was informed immediately via text message. He immediately called his sister, who, after receiving a similar message, immediately rushed to his mother. 'Receiving that message is really helpful,' said James White. "I know my mother was taken care of right away."

The collision caused Dotty White to break a few bones. But he said that he was grateful for bringing the Apple Watch right away. "Glad to have it on the wrist "- he said.

Apple Watch has saved many lives

In 2019, we are no stranger to stories about Apple Watch saving people. However, many of these stories focus on its ECG electrocardiography technology, but are equally impressive.

White's story shows that this feature of Apple Watch Series 4 should not be underestimated.

You also need to know that this feature is currently not enabled by default unless the wearer is 65 or older. You can see how to enable it here.

Reference: CultOfMac

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