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The AOC and radical lawmakers held a meeting to share the Capitol story


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC, New York state) and radical lawmakers held a “Special Order Hour” in the House of Representatives on Thursday night to “tell the story. of them on the January 6 attack. “

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The move came after Ms. AOC posted a number of videos on social media, which detailed what she had to go through when the Capitol building was infiltrated by several protesters.

However, many people pointed out that the AOC was not actually inside the Capitol building when the riot broke out, but that she was in her Office at the nearby Cannon Building without protesters entering. The AOC has been ridiculed by prominent conservative commentators on Twitter for making up the story.

The #AlexandriaOcasioSmollett hashtag became a trending trend throughout Wednesday night on Twitter, with “Smollett” referring to the comparison of AOC with actress Jussie Smollett, who exaggerates herself as a victim of hate. .

Ocasio-Cortez’s office then asked her supporters report those ridiculous comments to Twitter to prevent their spread.

Following that, Ms. AOC and several radical lawmakers such as Ayanna Pressley, Cori Bush, Sheila Jackson Lee, Barbara Lee etc. organized a “Special hours” “with the goal of creating a space for members to talk about their real experiences and call on everyone involved to take responsibility”.

On Twitter, the AOC writes: “As I said earlier this week, my story of the attack on our Capitol is not the only one, nor is it the central one. It’s just one of 100 stories. Tonight we will start to hear more on Congress. I invite all colleagues wishing to share to join our special hour. ”

Earlier, in videos depicting a confrontation with the Capitol Police at the Office last month, the AOC reported life-threatening moments.

“I can tell you I had a very close encounter where I thought I was going to die,” she said, noting that at first she didn’t realize that the person trying to enter her office was the police.

“I’ve never tried to be so quiet in my life,” The AOC said, “emotionally”, she heard the bang on the office door, so she hid behind the bathroom door and heard someone breaking into her office.

One of the AOC staff then told her it was safe to go outside, AOC said. That’s when she saw the man walking in was a Capitol Police officer, whom she described as “White man wearing a black wool hat”.

She added that “It doesn’t feel good because he was looking at me with great anger and hostility… No one else was there, and no one shouted like ‘this is the Capitol, this is the Capitol Police. . ”

The congresswoman said: “I don’t know if I will survive until the end of that day.” She also accused Sen. Ted Cruz of “almost murdering” her because Mr. Cruz and others “provoked the attack” by opposing the Electoral College votes in the general election.

Map of the Capitol complex

However, the AOC office, although located in the Capitol complex, is not located in the Capitol itself (dome, House of Representatives, and the Senate) – the site where protesters broke in.

AOC’s office is located in Cannon building, about 700m from the main Dien. It was also one of the buildings where employees were told to evacuate after suspicious packages were found in the area. Law enforcement found tube bombs and Molotov cocktails in the vicinity.

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