The Amazon tricks used to seduce you into spending Prime money - Photo 1.

The Amazon tricks used to seduce you to spend money on Prime day

Here are the Amazon tricks to use to seduce you to shop as much as possible in your Prime day (actually the Prime day lasts up to 2 days!)


Amazon not only tries to convince you that you have to shop in Prime day if you don't want to miss the best deals, but Amazon also added a countdown timer right below a certain item. If you do not take advantage of these Prime deals with this limited time before the clock counts, you will miss the opportunity to save a decent amount of money! However, you will be able to save even more money by continuing to run the clock, or close the Amazon application, or … do anything else. But then what is fun?

Exclusive items

Amazon uses Prime Day as a way to release exclusive items, exclusively for Prime members, such as an AmazonBasics scarf labeled Disney Frozen. If your kids like Frozen movies, you definitely want to buy them a rare scarf right away, only for a certain period of time, right? Because if you don't buy it, you're a terrible parent when you don't care about your child, or the good deal of Amazon!

Limited number of products

Amazon is where you can buy any product you envision in unlimited quantities – but on Prime day, Amazon wants you to know that the best deals are not infinite. Just look at the progress bar below the deal on Prime, you will see the number of goods remaining.

This trick works in two ways. First, it creates a feeling of scarcity. Second, it creates something called "social evidence": simply speaking, when Amazon shows you how many people have bought the item you are viewing, it makes the item seem more popular and priced. treat more. If everyone bought it, maybe you should buy it too? And you should buy it quickly before adding more people to get lost!

Credit Amazon

Amazon is willing to pour advertising money by giving Amazon credit users $ 10 if they perform some required operations, such as registering on the Amazon app for the first time, installing Amazon Assistant on a laptop, buying at Whole Foods … It seems easy to make money right? Why not add that (small) amount to the amount (larger) in your pocket to buy some good stuff on Prime day?

Notifications and alarms

After you've installed the Amazon app on your phone and Amazon Assistant on your laptop, it's time to use them … to help Amazon sell more items to you! Just ask the application of Amazon and Assistant to follow the desired deal in Prime day and send you the notification / alarm when those deals are officially sold. As a result, you can work as usual, until the announcement is time to buy!

The Amazon tricks used to seduce you into spending Prime money - Photo 2.

Unlock the reward

Amazon wanted to turn the shopping experience into gaming, so they created unlockable rewards, which contained discount codes for a selected item. To unlock rewards, you must participate in an activity on the Amazon app, like "View In Your Room", or use the camera on your phone to show you what your living room will look like when you put one the chair or lamp that Amazon sells.

Of course, when you see your living room looking so beautiful when you have a lamp, you'll definitely buy it. Well, and you've unlocked the reward with a 20% discount code!

If you want to save a little money on what you plan to buy, Amazon's Prime day is an opportunity to do that. But be careful because Amazon always wants you to buy more than you have on the list, and they will use every possible trick to make sure you spend as much time shopping on Amazon as possible on Prime Day. .

After reading this article, you have already grasped some of the most recognizable tricks, so try to avoid falling into the trap.

However, if you can't resist the charm of bargains, don't be sad, because at least you get a discount!

Reference: LifeHacker

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