The advantages of the apple diet

The advantages of the apple diet

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In view of the huge variety of food and preparation recipes that help you lose weight, one of them has been taking more and more shape: apple diet, which can be applied as a detoxifying regime, to rid the body of impurities.

  • The detox diet with apple

  • Three-day apple diet

  • Benefits and effects of the apple diet

  • The apple diet really works

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The detox diet with apple

This type of diet is a short-term regimen that helps detoxify the body. Ideal to be made in a day, the apple detox diet is based mainly on eating this fruit. See below for a suggestion of a day on the apple diet.

At breakfast, it is recommended to have a tea, a small low-fat yogurt and ingest an apple of any kind. Then, in the middle of the morning, you should drink a juice made with fresh apples. For lunch, a light salad or chicken with apples, while in the afternoon, you should have a glass of skimmed milk. In the evening, at dinner, the diet recommends eating a tea of ​​your choice and two apples or a soup of vegetables and apples. Before going to sleep, a digestive tea ends the detox with apples.

Three-day apple diet

A type of apple diet that is very well known and practiced by those who want to lose weight is the one that involves three days of consumption almost exclusive of the fruit, whether in salads, juices, soups or in a vitamin format.

On the first day of the diet it is recommended to eat only apples, in addition to drinking at least two liters of water. On the second day, in addition to apples, you should consume a green salad with vinegar or lemon and, on the third day, eat a snack of whole grain bread with turkey breast and an apple for lunch. Then, green salad and apples at will.

Benefits and effects of the apple diet

The apple diet, be it the one-day version or the more complete, three-day version, detoxifies the body. However, with high consumption of the fruit, stomach pains or heartburn may appear. To avoid these symptoms, it is recommended not to drink carbonated drinks, alcohol or meat on the days of the diet or on the following days, as your body will be detoxified and, therefore, it may be more susceptible to some reactions.

The apple diet really works

The benefits of the apple in the process of eliminating fats from the body are proven, since, in addition to being detoxifying, the apple has around 63 calories. In an apple-based diet, with an intake of approximately 500 calories per day, it is possible to eliminate unwanted pounds.

Apple diet to fight pimples

The apple is a great ally for those who suffer from acne. In it, you should replace foods rich in fat, such as cakes or milk with chocolate, with apples in the shape of a vitamin, juice or salad. In addition to the apple, which cleanses the body and reduces impurities that clog the pores of the face and favor acne, it is recommended to drink plenty of water and vegetables during this diet.

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