The action-adventure game where two people’s liver is born and has a strong flavor, allowing players to experience it for free and won 87% praise

Because he is a biochemical fan, he likes box-style games that revolve around puzzles and scarce resources. Li Qiuguo and her friends work together to create a third-person action-adventure game with a strong biochemical flavor and focus on exploration and resource management. “Plan: Prologue”, put on the Steam platform to give players a free experience, and received 87% of players’ praise. Recently, GameRes interviewed Li Qiuguo, the producer of “Dream Project”, to share his thoughts on game creation and development:

Hello everyone, I’m Li Qiuguo, producer of “Dream Project”. Let me introduce the situation of our team first. There are two members of Teamranger. I was born as a planner. The previous works include “Thirteen Evil” and “Bang Bang Little Monster”. Another small partner was born in the program. We have been working together for many years.

“Dream God Project: Prologue” is really only made by two people, although it seems that many people don’t believe it… to be honest, I also hope it is fake. Two livers are not enough…It took us a total of 20 man-months to make sure to launch “Prologue”. Among them, I did it for about 13 months. Another small partner had a problem at home, but this year I only exported it for 7 months. Of course, there are some friends around who have provided us with some help. To express our gratitude, we put their names in the game.

Rich biochemical flavor, creating a novel backpack and synthesis system

Let’s look at the game “Dreams Project” specifically. Many players have labeled it “Resident Evil” and “Evil Possession”, and the stickers are correct, indicating that the direction is correct.

“Dreams Project” is a game full of biochemical flavor, and our target users are also players who like this kind of game. We did copy some of their “homework” during the production process. But we copy homework to stand on their shoulders and jump to a higher place, opening more paths for ourselves and the developers behind.

I am a biochemical fan myself, and I really like box-style games that revolve around puzzles and scarce resources. By drawing on some mature content, we can spend time on the key points of the project (backpack, interactive fog).

In the game, “Dream God Project” tells the process of the protagonist losing consciousness in a disaster, and recovering from severe illness through adventures in the “world of consciousness”, and finally regaining consciousness. Some content of psychology will be incorporated into the game, and many elements (such as important props/enemy/each short story, etc.) will have their relationship to each other, strengthening the meaning of game decryption-collection-battle.

The “cycle of life and death” will be displayed in a special way under this worldview, which is also the core content of the story.

We have always felt that the element of “preparation” is as interesting as “combat”, and the combination of the two can produce a more interesting/in-depth experience. Resource acquisition/management/choice–>Influencing the means/tempo/result of the battle, we hope to emphasize the weight of each item and each bullet to strengthen the mutual influence between the preparation and the battle.

So we tried a physical backpack to amplify the combat effects of bullets (such as a monster with a head shot and die, etc.). At the same time, we added some restrictions for the use of firearms (the bullets should be pressed into the magazine, etc.), so that players can pay attention to their own hands. Resources, instead of blindly “suddenly”, so exploring in the game will be more surprises and fun.

However, the physical backpack is a very risky attempt. The “random” and “unstable” brought by physical simulation make the control experience a very difficult problem to solve.

After four major versions of exploration, the backpack system was just “usable” in the first two weeks of its launch. From the feedback from players, most players like this design, but the current stage of control and stability Sex is not good enough, it will bring a lot of unpleasant experiences.

We still have a lot of optimized solutions that we haven’t had time to do, we will continue to try if we have the opportunity.

For the art style of “Dream Project”, we chose the modern-western-realistic style for no other reason, because there is no one and no money. Neither of us are professional art artists. Now my art level and schedule allow me to make limited “magic changes”, so most of the resources are purchased from the Epic store at my own expense, and then modified/skinned/repainted/adjusted “Magic changes” like actions.

Some people say that the art style is not uniform, it looks messy, and there are some problems with the action. It is true that the content behind the project cannot avoid a lot of art-related investment. We will adjust the corresponding plan according to the situation later.

We are also constantly looking for some fast craft software to solve specific art problems, such as using character creator+iclone+UnrealLiveLink to solve the protagonist’s model/material/motion.

Actor and actress

As for the music and sound effects in the game, poor producers are still shirtless, and they are strong in music sound effects. Since I entered the game industry, I have been playing the role of a sound effect engineer. The project sound I have experienced is all personally. But often due to limited time and budget, there is no way to satisfy the audio, and every time I barely reach the pass line. I have seen some players say that the dubbing is even ugly… I’m sorry, big brother, that’s just the strength.

The game theme music “Samsara Train”, there is a huge regret hidden in it

A special “train” in the game also carried a very important scene. We spent a lot of time designing and producing it.

The only theme music in the game that I personally produced from start to finish is also written to it.

In the early process, the player will enter a desert area after “death”, and a train will pick him up after a lap, similar to the death stranded and dropped into the water, where you can see some other players left behind Information, props and the like (echoing the world view).

The latter major factor was cut off because there was no time to adjust the experience to a good enough level, and appeared as a cup-making egg in the “Prologue”. Personally, I still like this element very much, and I will add it back if I have the opportunity.

Free release experience, players verify the market

“Project Dream God” is now available on the Steam platform for free experience. In fact, we originally planned to charge…really…but when we got to the DeBug stage, we found that there were too many problems…it was really shameless to charge. Our “Prologue” this time is more like an answer sheet. It is an “assessment” of our transition to UE4 and using the new development model this year.

Player comments

We will maintain this rhythm in the future, and let players and the market test our development capabilities through periodic “tests”. On the one hand, we examine whether the things we make can be as good as possible under limited conditions, and on the other hand, we examine whether some “fresh goods” we make every time can be accepted by the players.

These will eventually focus on one point: “cost control”. We actually have a clear plan for what type of game we want to make in the future and how much resources we need. However, after so many years in the industry, we have realized that our cost control ability is very poor. For example, how much cost to produce a content, We don’t know if there are more advanced methods, and we can even say that the cognitive system is very confusing.

So we chose to go back and forth from the beginning to find out these things clearly, and then step by step closer to the goal.

The content released in this sequence chapter is about 70% of the developed content, and 30% of the content is optimized to be stable enough by the method. It has been deleted, including castration of a whole set of melee attack mechanisms, and more. Ending. The framework of the game has been basically determined, but the subsequent production requires a lot of art investment. At present, we still need to evaluate the cost and resource allocation to determine the future development plan.

In fact, we have been operating in two lines in the later period. In addition to “Dream Project”, we have another project in production. It has entered the prototype verification period. I hope that there will be a playable prototype for interested friends to experience soon.

Of course, we need more resources and help. We hope that we can attract more like-minded friends who are willing to make progress and explore together to join our team. We hope to receive an art master soon. After all, visual performance is really a wife for games in our direction. It’s important.

At the same time, we will further standardize our development process/ideas/tools. If we want to do well, we must first sharpen our tools. We will continue to pay attention to and try more scientific and advanced game production methods. In the future development, we will also use more community power to strengthen quality control.

A little bit of experience

It is quite difficult for a two-person team to develop a 3D game, especially since we lack the experience of using the UE4 engine, so we spent a lot of time learning + experimenting in the early stage.

Up to now, we still have a lot of bugs that have not been fixed. There are a lot of content that we are not satisfied with, and we have been anxious and confused. My hair is almost bald by me… Although we are often under pressure, we are very sure that we need to Submit an answer sheet at this point, and then move on. Each of our projects requires ourselves to make breakthroughs in a certain area, and to do some challenging content that others have not done before. We call these content “Blade”.

Although I am a producer, I will let my teammates choose and tackle these “blades”, and I am responsible for “covering”. I design or modify the content of the game according to the content/editor/framework he presents.

Welcome everyone to experience our game “Dreams Project”
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