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The 9 Best Vitamin Subscriptions of 2019 for Personalized Wellbeing

If you’re like many vitamin takers, you’ve likely been consuming a multivitamin for years (and those delicious Flintstones vitamins before that). While multivitamins are a great start, they do paint every man with the same brush.

We know that no two people are alike, so why should everyone take the same set of vitamins? Luckily, thanks to modern technology, we can now gain a better picture of which vitamins you actually need and which you don’t.

Quite recently, vitamin and supplement companies have begun offering personalized, subscription-based vitamin packages. These programs assess your current health and lifestyle through an app or questionnaire and use the advice of medical professionals to recommend a set of vitamins just for you. Then they send you said vitamins at regular intervals.

This is a vast improvement on heading to the supermarket to buy your regular bottle of capsules. Instead, you’ll get vitamins and supplements just for you, and you won’t have to waste your time hitting up the store to do so. So whether you take your vitamins, morning, noon or night, here’s our review of the nine best vitamin subscription services currently available.

1. Rootine


By analyzing your daily routine, nutrient levels and genetic makeup, Rootine is able to provide a personalized vitamin regimen to help you feel great and get the most out of your day. All vitamin and mineral supplements in the programs are made up of 100% vegetarian-friendly ingredients and are also accompanied by over a decade of scientific research supporting their impact. Your tailored vitamin program will come in the form of packets of micro beads which are slow releasing to mimic the absorption of real food.

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2. Care/of


Care/of lets you take nutrition into your own hands with its customizable 30-day subscription. Simply choose from the wide variety of vitamins, powders and quick sticks, and Care/of will send you the needed supply each and every month. The website covers just about anything you can imagine taking in pill or powder form, from vitamin C to turmeric.

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3. Persona


Whether you’re looking to address your levels of stress, energy, sleep or any other factor, the Persona tailored vitamin plan can help. After a five-minute assessment, your case will be reviewed by a qualified medical professional who will suggest vitamins to solve your concerns. Your vitamin plan will then arrive in packs you can add into your daily diet to ensure your body gets everything it needs to function at 100%. It’s also important to note that Persona donates a percentage of its profits to organizations working with children’s nutrition. This fact makes Persona one of the most responsible vitamin companies around.

best vitamin subscriptions personaImage courtesy of Persona


4. Bulu Box


If you love the idea of discovering new and exciting products which are geared towards making you feel great, generating motivation and possibly losing weight, the Bulu Box may be the choice for you. Once you have a subscription to the service and have chosen between the Original and Weight Loss options, you’ll receive your first box. Inside each box, you’ll find a range of five to six samples of vitamins and other healthy snacks to try, allowing you to see what really works for you. Each month, you’ll receive a different box with new vitamins and snacks.

best vitamin subscriptions bulu boxImage courtesy of Bulu Box


5. Vitafive


Vitafive makes things simple. They produce a number of pre-made gummy pouches you can choose from to boost a specific aspect of your life. You may wish to focus on your sleep, immunity or overall health, and by adding one pack of gummies to your daily diet, you can be sure your body won’t lack what it needs. Alternatively, for those who prefer a more personal touch, it’s possible to create your very own tailored pouches, allowing you to pick your gummies to target a specific problem you’d like to fight. All the gummies are free from gluten and allergens and made from vegetarian-friendly ingredients.

best vitamin subscriptions vitafiveImage courtesy of Vitafive


6. HUM Nutrition


The HUM Nutrition plan offers an impressive amount of freedom and customization. Rather than personalized nutrition, HUM allows you to pick from any of their preexisting products and will replenish your vitamins at regular intervals. Whether you choose to go month-by-month or commit for a year, you’ll still be able to switch between the products you’re going to receive without any problem.

best vitamin subscriptions hum nutritionImage courtesy of HUM Nutrition


7. Vitl


Vitl goes above and beyond to provide a personalized vitamins service. They have three levels of personalization. You can simply fill out the online consultation or you can go further by taking a test for vitamin levels and a DNA test. With all this information, Vitl puts together monthly packs of bio-responsible vitamins for you based on your health and lifestyle. They’ll also make sure you update your vitamins as you get older.

best vitamin subscriptions vitlImage courtesy of Vitl


8. Seed


The Seed daily synbiotic offers an impressive amount of benefits for users. The naturally occurring probiotic strains found within this probiotic supplement are clinically validated to deliver health benefits including boosting your gastro-intestinal health, providing gut-bacteria integrity, improving gut function and delivering healthy looking skin to name a few. These 2-in-1 capsules are vegan friendly and free from allergens, preservatives and gluten. Dosing is two capsules a day, and with every subscription, you’ll receive a handy complimentary travel vial for storing capsules on the go.

best vitamin subscriptions seedImage courtesy of Seed


9. Asystem


The Asystem subscription costs under $3.30 a day and provides you with superhuman supplements and performance skincare to ensure you look and feel your best at all times. The supplements are designed to help you focus while ensuring your body has all the energy it needs. You’ll also find the skincare products leave you looking younger and healthier. This is a great choice for men who want to look and feel their best without needing to worry about putting a skincare and supplement package together themselves.

best vitamin subscriptions asystemImage courtesy of Alpha System


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