The 9 Best Multivitamins & Supplements for Men (Updated 2020)

Guys are finally realizing the full power of adding nutritional supplements for men to their wellness routines. These natural, over-the-counter supplements, vitamins and multivitamins can help with everything from stress and fatigue to sexual health. There are supplements to make your beard grow and supplements to help men lose weight. There are vitamins for your immune system and essential oils to help you focus.

But while the internet is riddled with oodles and oodles of random vitamin brands and protein powders and tinctures promising everything from slimmer waistlines to jaw-dropping abs and more, it’s worth wading through the noise to determine which supplements for men are worth using — and which ones you should avoid. So how can you tell the difference between the snake oil and the legitimate remedies?

In short, you should put your trust in nature. There are countless natural remedies that have been turned into powerful supplements, and many of these health aids are perfect for men’s unique health needs. The best multivitamins for men address specific problems, whether that’s hair loss, prostate health or low energy.

That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite everyday supplements for men’s health. From Vitamin B for boosting your mood to Ashwagandha for sexual performance and more, here are the best supplements for men’s health that you can order on Amazon right now. 


1. Men’s One Multivitamin


The Men’s One multivitamin is easily one of the — if not the best — daily multivitamin options designed just for men. It’s incredibly comprehensive, supporting energy, reproductive health and more. Plus, it comes highly rated with more than 5,000 positive reviews. This bottle comes with 150 daily tablets, but you can pick a size based on your specific needs (and budget).

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2. Physician’s Choice Areds2 Eye Vitamins


These clinically-proven vitamins from Physician’s Choice are actually a formula of vitamin B12, vitamin E and vitamin C. These three vitamins work in unison to increase eye function, improve visual performance and speed up processing. They also utilize grape seed extract, Lutemax 2020 and Boperine, which allows the vitamins to be absorbed faster and delivered more efficiently where they’re needed. The bottle comes with 60 vegan capsules, and we suggest taking two every day. Of course, check with your doctor first, but thanks to the unique combination of proven ingredients, we think this is one of the best men’s multivitamins for sale today.

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3. Ashwagandha Capsules


When it comes to problems in the bedroom (i.e. erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation), you can usually blame anxiety or low testosterone. While these problems can’t be solved overnight with a pill, there are supplements you can take to support your body and mind. Ashwagandha is an ancient herbal medicine that reduces anxiety and stress while boosting testosterone. Higher levels of testosterone can boost your libido and overall ability to perform in the bedroom. Ashwagandha has boomed in popularity in recent years, and for good reason.

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4. Puritan’s Pride Melatonin Capsules


Most of us don’t get enough sleep. But before turning to addictive sleeping pills, consider taking a melatonin supplement. Melatonin is the hormone that should pop up around bedtime and tell your body that it’s time to drift off to sleep. Supplementing this hormone with an over-the-counter tablet naturally increases the melatonin present in your body, leading to fast, natural slumber. We like these melatonin supplements from Puritan’s Pride because they’re powerful (10mg), fast-acting and very highly-rated on Amazon. And here’s a tip: if the melatonin isn’t working at first, try taking half the dosage you started with. When it comes to men’s multivitamins, sometimes less really is more.

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5. Advanced Trichology DHT Blocker


DHT is a male sex hormone that causes hair loss by binding to receptors on your scalp. In plain terms, DHT is making you go bald. Luckily, DHT’s evil plans can be slowed or even stopped with a good DHT blocker, such as this one from Advanced Trichology. It naturally blocks the hormone from binding to your scalp, allowing healthy hair to continue growing. This supplement for men’s hair loss comes highly rated from Amazon customers, with a 4.5 rating and more than 1,000 reviews.

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6. Vitafusion B12 Gummies


If you’ve been finding yourself feeling a little more tired and groggy than usual (even after a decent night’s sleep), try taking this tasty VitaFusion B12 Gummy supplement. B12 vitamins help with protein metabolism, which generates and uses our body’s energy. This extra-strength brand packs 3,000mcg of vitamin B12 and is made without any corn syrup or other artificial sweeteners (which are commonly found in other gummy brands).

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7. NOW 5-HTP


Another very highly-rated supplement is this 5-HTP from NOW. 5-HTP is an amino acid that helps synthesize mood-boosting neurotransmitters like serotonin, making it a safe and non-addictive mood supporter. Available in a range of different sized options (you can choose between 60 tablets per bottle or up to 360), these vegetarian capsules are a great noninvasive way to help boost your mood.

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8. Havasu Saw Palmetto


If you’re constantly rushing to the nearest bathroom or constantly waking up in the middle of the night to go, try taking this Saw Palmetto Supplement by Havasu. It naturally helps urinary and prostate health. In addition, according to the manufacturer, Saw Palmetto has also been shown to promote faster hair growth, making it great for men suffering from hair loss. We choose this Havasu brand because it’s non-GMO and contains a mix of both Saw Palmetto extract and powder for maximum absorption. Plus, this top-selling product has more than 1,000 four- or five-star reviews on Amazon.

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9. NeoCell Biotin Bursts


Another great supplement to try are these Biotin Bursts by NeoCell. Biotin is another B vitamin that has been found to help boost your metabolism and encourage more healthy-looking skin, hair and nails. These chewy bursts are great for people who prefer to chew their vitamins rather than swallow whole pills. Made with all-natural ingredients, they sport a tangy acai flavor that’s as delicious as it is healthy.

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